Vaughter’s on Hold

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Okay, I had wanted to comment on Vaughter’s coming out statement he did with the New York Times, but it isn’t happening this morning. The internet at Dennis’ is super slow and there are some concrete guys here laying a new pad for a new wood shed, so I need to go and “help”.

Yesterday I drove back to Cable from Marquette and rode a new single track from Bodecker up North towards Telemark. It is amazing. Something like up at Whistler. Huge berms and banked corners. The guys building trails for CAMBA put an enormous amount of time and effort into these. It is super fun.

I’m still not feeling that great, so it was really an effort riding a MTB bikes off road yesterday. Ride MTB bikes takes a ton more effort than riding a road bike.

I’m already in a funk because the Olympics are over. With the Tour de France all July, then the Olympics, most my mornings are partially consumed by watching sporting events. Now, it’s over cold turkey. I guess I’ve have a couple more hours every morning.

Okay, I better get back out to the construction job. I’ll mull over this Vaughter’s mission statement another day and post tomorrow.

This is Julia, a friend that moved here from Russian. She is mixing me up a concoction of activated charcoal and prune juice. I guess I went overboard on the Pepto-Bismol.

The new concrete.

My buddy Harley waiting for his guy, Tim, the concrete guy.

17 thoughts on “Vaughter’s on Hold

  1. Sean YD

    Jonathan Vaughters actually first announced his past medicinal habits off the bike in a public “fireside chat” forum with a NorCal cycling group in 2009. It was videotaped and posted to

  2. Skippy

    Time the ” Dopers and baby were thrown out with the bath water “!
    ONLY AN ” AMNESTY ” will gain the support needed to get ” Sporting Fraud ” out in the open !

    Sporting Fraud needs to be destroyed in ALL IT’S FORMS !

  3. Seis Pendejos

    The Vuelta starts Saturday.

    It’s been a long couple of months: the Tour started on June 30th for 23 days. then we had 5 days of recovery before the Olympics began. Now another 5 recovery days before the Vuelta. That’s only 10 recovery days in 72 days. I’m already exhausted.

  4. Fritz Knochenhauer

    As a former high school swimmer and water polo, I had the advantage of lung capacity and breathing control when I joined competitive cycling in 1980. I qualified for Nationals in the 25mi. ITT with a time of 58:26, riding the last four miles on a flat front tire. The next year I rode to a 54:25, just behind legend Kent Bostick who rode under 53:00 for the first time in NorCal. He and I had the fastest two times in the nation that year. Our only “doping” was riding at 5,000′ ASL in Sierraville, CA. Each of us rode Nevada City the next day as LeMond won. Doping, as we know it today, was not even known. If it had been, I would hope ANY guilty rider would be DQ’d for life. No exemptions. A life ban would have taught anyone that doping was equal to cheating.

  5. Ted Lewandowski

    Jonathan Vaughters article is interesting confession of a cheater (doper) that justifies the cheating (at that time and place) by the fact that everyone is doing it – thus creating the level playing field in his mind.
    However, he forgets to mention that he was granted immunity for testifying against Lance Armstrong and is one of the named defendants in the USADA case against LA. Three people have been BANNED FROM CYCLING FOR LIFE including Dr. Michele Ferrari – former LA doctor.
    My question is why is Vaughters still allowed to be CEO of Slipstream sports and the DS of the Team?
    This is all BS spin when you are caught holding the bag – I don’t buy it!!!

  6. JP Shores

    I am just glad to see your rolling in the dirt! Will you be racing Berryman this year? Hope to see you in late October!?

  7. e-RICHIE

    “My question is why is Vaughters still allowed to be CEO of Slipstream sports and the DS of the Team?”

    I agree with Ted above 100 percent atmo. Let JV give seminars, do the talk show circuit, or help a local club. But there’s no way he should be allowed a salaried position in the sport, much less own or run a team. Too many past dopers now run cycling. Here’s one who just admitted it, yet the news was not news at all.

  8. Rich

    a question: how do you know that Vaughters was granted immunity for testifying against Armstrong? Are you referring to the grand jury investigation or the USADA investigation? In the USADA investigation, Vaughters has not been directly named as being involved in any way, except in one newspaper article. So how do we know that he’s been offered immunity, when it hasn’t been shown that he will testify?

    That being said, Vaughters’ NYT column sure looks like he’s trying to get out ahead of the USADA investigation in some way. Which means he probably is involved, and probably will testify – but there’s no proof yet.

  9. Nancy

    @ Ted. I was wondering the same about why Vaughters doesn’t step down from his current position. In the real world, a CEO from any business would be asked to quit if he doesn’t do it himself.
    But the more you think, there aren’t many DS that were not involved with doping in their past. So why he should leave?

  10. Ted Lewandowski

    Nancy- Here is a direct quote from an article that was posted on

    According to the Telesport story, George Hincapie (BMC Racing Team), Levi Leipheimer (Omega Pharma Quick Step), the Garmin-Sharp riders Dave Zabriskie and Christian Vande Velde plus Jonathan Vaughters have given evidence to USADA

    Telesport attributed the information to an unnamed source, and claimed they will be given reduced six month sanctions, starting September. Vaughters has rejected this as being untrue.

    It might not be immunity but is it as close as it gets.

  11. Rich

    I knew about the Telesport story. They’re the only people to report this, and the Velonation article contains the expected denials from all parties named. I have not really believed the Telesport story, mostly because slap on the wrist, off-season suspensions doesn’t sound like the USADA. However, if Telesport is right, they’ve done good reporting. But nothing backs up their story right now.

    Also, you’re probably aware of the “conspiracy theory” about the Telesport story: that their “unnamed source” was actually one of their columnists (Johan Bruyneel), and that the article is / was an attempt by the Lance Armstrong side to start casting aspersion on expected witnesses. This could be. Or the story simply could’ve been the “Tour controversy to sell papers/get page hits” story. I guess we’ll find out.


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