Racing in Upper Michigan

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I woke up this morning feeling really cruddy. I haven’t tried to eat breakfast yet, but sometimes had okay results before in similar circumstances, so I’ll just say I’m a huge question mark today for Ore to Shore. I know I’m not heavy for sure. Whatever happens, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out in the UP of Michigan the last couple days. It is really unique. With Lake Superior as a background, it has tons of scenic areas. The course has a lot of sandy areas. I was going to race on tubular tires, but I don’t have much time on them, so I’m sticking to to tubeless with latex. I know one thing, I’m going to need to catch up on a lot sleep the next couple days. I’ll post the results later.

Here is some stuff from the last couple days.

The sun doesn’t set until way after 9 pm here.

There are lots of dedications to the mining industry in the towns up here.

This truck is a lot bigger than the picture shows. The tires are probably 12 feet across to put it into perspective.

Even the Perkins in Marquette has a backwoods look.

There is a ton of sand on the 46 mile course. This is Catherine pre-riding yesterday.

This sign tells it all. You don’t see this much in Kansas. Last year’s winner, Brian Matter averaged nearly 20 mph.

One thought on “Racing in Upper Michigan

  1. J.D.

    Your post makes me miss living up there. About 7 years ago I took a job up there. Lived just West of Negaunee (Ishpeming). Miss the blueberries. Also miss being able to hike out in the back yard and pick up some two-track and being able to ride that for miles and miles. The Ore-to-Shore is a great race

    Too bad my wife couldn’t hack the snow in the winter, or I’d still be up there.


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