14 thoughts on “Something Wrong with this Picture, huh?

  1. ED

    Cyclists with big thighs will always drop their drawers in a New York minute. Easy, boys!

  2. Mike Rodose

    There is no question that one set of legs have been enhanced.

    If not photoshop, it’s the result of an incredible anabolic program on track sprinter legs.

  3. Formerly Jim

    The visual evidence on the right, the cartoon legs and shrunken package, points to steroid use.

  4. Ted Lewandowski

    My question is who got the idea to take the photo – German Press? Nice point Formerly Jim – I agree – and they call Greipel the Gorilla!!!

  5. Bernd Faust

    Two different legs on each guy..like with the pretty girls, photomontage….all so called media, tweet, facebook bullshit, at age 51 I believe nothing anymore….I like to laugh, so this is a good laugh for me..

  6. H Luce

    Well, if it’s a fake, it’s a damned good one, you can photomontage the legs all you want to, but the underwear would be the dead giveaway, and it looks pretty normal to me, as to the folds and strain lines and whatnot. I wonder if he or his coach come from former East Germany…

  7. Bernd Faust

    The former East german coaches are all in China….If you are a Doper in Germany you are dead meat..they are a little over the top there..but they do not like Dopers period!
    So if the right guy is doped=lot’s of dead meat

  8. harkins

    wow-doped. you see that and you don’t even have to wonder. he’s totally on the gear. it’s like seeing a guy driving a humvee: you don’t have to spend time wondering whether or not he’s a douche.


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