France/London or Kansas???

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Most of the guys from my TradeWind Energy/Eriksen Cycles team, 4 of us, are riding from my house this morning. It’s the first time I’ve really trained with most of them, other than Bill, this year. That seems weird. Anyway, we’re going out for 4-5 hours at 100 +, whatever, degrees. Brian has been over in Denmark, where it was in the 60’s. So, he’s not good with the heat, plus he’s jet lagged. Should help make it an even playing field then.

Yesterday we rode over to the Kansas State Games Time Trial. My friend, Jeff Unruh, is promoting the cycling portion of the State Games. The TT was yesterday, then criterium is today and then the road race on Sunday. The bikes at the TT were off the chart expensive. And, I didn’t know 90% of the riders. I’m not sure why we don’t ride them. I guess it’s more for the citizen racers or something.

That isn’t the case with horseshoes. I went over to the horseshoe competition a couple years ago and thought I might do it. Boy, am I glad I just watched. Everyone, over and over again, ringer after ringer. These 80 year old guys, that were moving slower than molasses, would release the horseshoe and nearly always throw a ringer. I hope those are the best horseshoe players (is that the right vernacular) we have here, because if there are better guys, it’s not even a game because they’d never miss.

I had kicked around flying over to Paris for the last two days of the Tour with Trudi, then staying the week and watching the Olympic Road Race the next weekend. I have a friend in London that has a house on the course and she is having a party. Somehow it doesn’t seem like the right time to go over to Europe and just hang for more than a week. I’m thinking the BMC after race party might be a little more subdued this year and I’m not all that big on watching bike races in person. Especially one that “the experts” think is going to end up in a field sprint. Anyway, I’m not sure why, but we never got our shit together, so we’re still in Kansas. Not nearly the same, but, not bad either.

I bought a bag of ice at the store for the ride today. I can’t believe how much ice we’re going through riding nowadays. That isn’t how it used to be. Back during the Coor’s Classic days, I’m not sure we even had cold bottles. Actually, I’m pretty positive we didn’t. Now I only ride with thermal bottles that are stuffed full of ice. A normal bottle full of 1/2 strength, warmish Coke, sounds pretty terrible now. Funny how you get used to being pampered.

Okay, I have to get ready. I’ve been eating a ton more protein recently. Mainly some beef every few days and lots of eggs. I’m not sure exactly why I started that, but I have. Kind of seems to be working, at least for training. This is going to be an effort today.

I’m not even sure what most of this guys equipment is, but it looks expensive.

Jeff Unruh, the czar of the cycling portion of the Sunflower State Games lining up the riders, with a bullhorn as backup.

The TT was at the Hearland Park race track. I would have hated riding a TT there.

They are doing construction everywhere around Topeka. It’s hard to get in or out of town nowadays. This is probably the last day were could ride over this bridge over the Turnpike. It was kind of scary, with no sides, even though it is two lanes wide.

13 thoughts on “France/London or Kansas???

  1. Steve Wathke

    I rode the state games time trial. Yes all us citizens were allowed to compete. Yes it sucked because it was so hot and nothing but turns which for me isn’t my forte’. When I first started time trailing I had a cervelo aluminum frame and I bought a disc wheel. Now everyone has all the bells and whistles. Actually there were some really good time trailers out there and it’s part of the omnium so people do it even if they arent the best at it. I think Jack Mason posted the fastest time out there. He’s damn good. Anyway it’s open to Kansas residents for medals but people from other states can compete for prize money but not medals. Dennis Weinbeck also rocked it too. He spent a lot of money on his bike but I dont think that’s the reason he’s fast. He’s 54 yrs old and one of the top tt guys in kansas. I personally have a lot of money invested in my tt bike too. It what’s I love to do so why put yourself at a disadvantage with inferior old equipment? You don’t want to get left behind.

  2. VC Slim

    Was once watching a NASCAR race and there was a report on some famous hot dogs being served at the event. In the background of a shot you could see the menu and prices. $2 for a hot dog. $10 for a bag of ice. Gotta keep those Buds nice and cool.

  3. Rod

    What thermal bottles are you using? The ones I’ve tried are no match for the heat here in Texas….and your heat has been beating us this summer.

  4. Ted Lewandowski

    I love reading that ‘why put yourself at a disadvantage with inferior old equipment’ – what are you referring to? Chrome-moly frames or Campagnolo or both?

    These guys get into labels and want to ride what the pros are riding and spend $10,000 on a TT bike but are 20 pounds overweight like the guy at the top photo – but feel the most expensive bike will be ‘faster’ – the Senior 4’s have really never left us – just got relabeled!!!

  5. chris

    “… Anyway, I’m not sure why, but we never got our shit together, so we’re still in Kansas.”

    Best L. Frank Baum quote ever!

  6. tilford97 Post author

    David-It’s kind of a bleed over from MTB riding. I got so sick of the tubes, tools and such getting destroyed from water and mud from the rear wheel, so a lot of us here in Topeka use old peanut butter jars to store our stuff. They fit perfectly into a bottle cage, but since this summer is so hot, I’ve put some Gorilla tape on mine and use a toe strap to hold it on, to free up the extra bottle cage. It is weather proof for sure. You can get two tubes, a multi tool, plus a couple quickfils and head into one with a little work.

  7. Jeff Unruh

    The course we use at the Sunflower State Games is on the road course at Heartland Park Topeka race track so it has lots of turns and changes in direction requiring multiple out of the saddle efforts. So the times will not be reflective of a simple out and back TT hammerfest. In addition the SSG’s are about the spirit of Olympic style competition thus we ahve a lot of first-time racers who are not seasoned veterans. Still a good time is had by all.

  8. Dan

    Ted , you sound like a race snob. If the guy wants a great bike good for him. Why poke a jab at him about his weight .

  9. channel_zero


    No question those riding were sufficiently challenged and had a good time all things considered. (the heat!!!)

    IMHO, I think you’d have more participants if riders had to use ‘regular’ road equipment. I’d go so far as to forbid carbon wheels, too. But, that’s me.

    As an example of the timing wierdness, here’s a winning time from USAC’s site: 0.041284722222222

    Organizing is a thankless task. Thank you!

  10. Bob S

    Actually, in the grand scheme of things, that bike isn’t too expensive. FSA aluminum cranks, a TT ring, aluminum aero bars, and a Taiwan/Chinese no-name frameset and most probably wheelset and that guy is aero for about 2k. The most expensive stuff is probably the SRAM components, saddle, and then the fancy track helmet.

  11. Steve Wathke

    I think theres a certain point where your fitness plateaus and then it is time to buy that extra little speed. There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t be haters. These people bought their shit. No sponsor gave it to them. They earned it with their own money from their jobs. Yes , theyre not good enough to get Zipp to send them a new set of wheels. So they worked, doing what they are good at so they could afford something that they love to do. Sunflower State Games are fun and not about winning $200 for 1st place. They’re done for pride and like I said before, there is some pretty good competition out there too. Ok, enough said. Peace out homies!


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