New Era, Huh?

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Frank Schleck positive for a diuretic. That was reported here at Here’s what the RadioShack team has to say –

“Our team attaches great value to transparency. Because of this, we can announce the following as a response to the adverse analytical finding of xipamide in Fränk Schleck’s urine sample of July 14 during the Tour de France.

“After being informed by the UCI about the presence of xipamide in the urine sample of Fränk Schleck on July 14, the team has decided to immediately withdraw Fränk Schleck from the Tour de France.

“Even though an abnormal A sample does not require these measures, Mr. Schleck and the team believe this is the right thing to do, to ensure the Tour de France can go on in calm and that Fränk Schleck can prepare his defense in accordance with the legal timing to do so.

“On the subject of xipamide the team can declare the following: it is not a product that is present in any of the medicine that the team uses and the reason for the presence of xipamide in the urine sample of Mr. Schleck is unclear to the team. Therefore, the team is not able to explain the adverse findings at this point.

“However, the team is fully determined to collaborate with the anti-doping agencies in order to resolve the matter.”

And Cyclingnews continues –

The case echoes the 2011 Tour when Alexandr Kolobnev tested positive for a banned diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide) following stage 5. He later suspended himself from his Katusha tea but was later cleared by CAS and hired back by Katusha.

This isn’t the first time that Schleck has had to answer to anti-doping authorities as in 2008 it was revealed he made a payment to Dr Eufemiano Fuentes, the centre of Operación Puerto, but the charge was dismissed by the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency.

I wonder what Ms. 150 Watts of Awesome has to say about this?

Probably ingested it from eating live, whole fish?

9 thoughts on “New Era, Huh?

  1. Bernd Faust

    Fraenk looks malnourished, if he would drink german Hefeweisse and eat italian sausage on a regular schedule he would need no stupid medication…..nothing wrong with raw fish if it is not poisonous. Oldie Chris Horner talks about what kind of pills he swallows, brother how about eating some real food all year around..than he mentions that he ate frenchies and Micky D as a juvenile, now he eats also fish, steak and pasta…sometimes i think all these guys are coocoo, cyclist and other topathletes with “godgiven” talent..seems like when
    Gods work is reduced, the pill is the only answer…for moviestars it’s plastic surgery isn’t that funny or more like insane….coocoo’s all around
    I rather loose and be for real than walking around like a robotic medicine endulging creep…

  2. IntheKnow

    Surely this is an isolated case on RadioShack, right? Two other guys on this team who seem to get better with age surely can’t also be on the sauce, too?

    Say it ain’t so, Steve!

  3. Bernd Faust

    Jens Voigt from Berlin, familyman,married, 6 kids, a cool guy, but still very good at 40; A ? mark is allowed, but Jens has at least some natural meat on his bones and that helps..after a tough effort he is also tired, next day not the same for him like for Wiggie…..I am 51 and for sure recovery takes 1 week after a hard effort while at 25 it took 1 day, all natural; i have to admit that I have no medical cabinet, but a fridge loaded with fine german brew and fine american microbrew, naturally fermented….some Uncle Chemistry product to stay sharp would never enter my God given “Koerper!”

  4. Jeff M

    Busted! Remain on your bike. Keep your hands on the handlebars where I can see them. Please reach slowly into your saddle bag and remove your biological passport…. Sorry son, your tour is over.

  5. Daniel Russell

    What a shame, Frank did not even get a chance to get his rest day blood. Seconds anyone?

  6. Skippy

    Did the ” Le Tour ” need this ? My Blog before the TDF i suggested Johan would be better off leaving both the schlecks at home , in hindsight i wish i had more authority because this is the END of the road for that team !
    Can anyone see their future clearly with what is going on ?
    Jensie & Klodie will retire and the younger members will be casting around for a safer berth whilst they have time to do so .
    ” Sporting Moratorium ” anyone ? Time Jacques Rogge of IOC and John Fahey of WADA got real about ” Doping in Sport ” as i suggested in and and got ALL the skeletons out of the cupboard FOR ALL SPORTS !

    Mc Quaid , you are a failure , fall on your pencil !

  7. Antonius Block

    If you link to twits like 150 watts more often in the future, I am going to have to stop reading this blog.


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