First HC Climb of the Tour

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I know that everything seems weird when there is a rest day during the Tour. You get in a routine and then it is broken. It is worse for the riders. I was racing the British Milk race, which was two weeks, (Phil Liggett was the promoter), and on the rest day, one year, I rode 70 miles in the rain to keep in sync. Anyway, if you’re sick of the drug news etc., you can be sure that the first day in the Alps will be interesting. Average gradient 7%, but pitches up to 12%. Should be a good morning. Here is a preview.

One thought on “First HC Climb of the Tour

  1. John

    In the belgian media ( they say it is the FIRST time they take this climb in de TDF. Made you are confussing the Colombiere (Alps) with the one of today “la grand Colombier” in the Jura mountains. Anyway it will be a great race today a day for the attackers or maybe Nibali with a difficult decent awaiting the riders.


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