4th of July Drove To Wisconsin

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Last night at 1 am I was swimming, under a full moon, in my favorite lake on the planet. That involved getting in my van and driving the 650 miles up to Cable Wisconsin. The van was jammed with 8 bikes. Bill, Catherine, Trudi and I all brought both our MTB bikes and road bikes. Plus, I threw in another road frame for a guy in Minneapolis that is looking for a fixie for his son.

I sort of planned this for a little while. Bromont hasn’t been up to his favorite place in the world for a long time and it was supposed to be over 102 in Kansas all the way through the weekend. Dennis warned me that it is supposed to be over 90 degree here under Saturday, so I threw a window AC in the van. It was a savior last night. It isn’t that hot, but it is super muggy. Catherine actually got cold sleeping, which is great considering.

There is a great 4th of July parade in Cable at 11 am. I’ve been to it twice before and it is super entertaining. A few years ago, the young guys from the Brick House Coffeeshop did a Austin Power’s dance. It was amazing. I’m not much normally into watching parades, but this one is so unique and has a flavor of its own, I can hardly wait.

Then probably a long MTB ride. I’ve been really interested if I can ride a MTB with my shoulder. I know now that it doesn’t work the least bit for swimming.

Okay, I can’t spend all day on the computer when I’m up in the North Woods. I hope everyone has a good 4th today and enjoys the mid week day off.

This is as close as I can get to a 4th of July picture. This is from Byerly’s in Minneapolis.

Bromont’s position the whole 10 hours.

The window unit.

The van in front of the Kansas garage.

The downstairs of the Kansas garage is now full of bikes too.