Lost in Translation (I hope)

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I was reading an interview with Frank Schleck at Cyclingnews.com and he was explaining that he’s not going to be so good at the Tour de France because he has too many race days already this year. I don’t know if that is true, but I’d have to respect his view of the situation.

Then they asked him about the USADA investigation into his team director, Johan Bruyneel and he said – “This affair does not concern our team, but dates from the past. I don’t let it make me crazy. “

I have to call bullshit on that answer. I assume when your director can’t participate in the biggest race of the year because of a doping scandal, then it would be of concern. Of major concern I’d think.

But, say Frank doesn’t really think that this “concerns” the current Nissan-Radio Shack team. It’s all in the past? Well, maybe he is forgetting that 4 of the riders, out of 9, that are riding the Tour with him have been following Johan around for years. That would be the definition of past, right? They 4 would be Andreas Klöden, Chris Horner, Haimar Zubeldia, and Yaroslav Popovych. Between these 4, they have probably close to 20 years of seasons with Johan Bruyneel.

So nearly 1/2 the current Tour de France team for Nissan-Radio Shack comes from Bruyneel’s past and Frank says it doesn’t concern the present team. Man, does that guy need some public relations training badly or maybe just some Ginkgo Biloba.

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5 thoughts on “Lost in Translation (I hope)

  1. Scott

    Well this is Frank’s first year with Johan, so by that measure all but the former Leopard riders are “In the past.” Popo has been with Johan the longest, dating back to Lance, pre-comeback(s). The others came around during Astana I think. Maybe he is like his brother and his “Shto-mak was full of ang-eR!” but meant to say “All I can do is ride regardless of who is here.”

  2. channel_zero

    Or, could it be their dope dealer was named and shamed in the USADA letter? The one that seems to follow The Hog everywhere…

    Couldn’t be. No way.

  3. Jason

    I have lost a little respect for the Schlecks after the performances they have had this year. They seem to come off as whiney rich kids who if you don’t like they way they game is going they take their ball and leave.


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