Scott Moninger at the Tour with Phil and Paul

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I just read that fellow Kansan, Wichita native, Scott Moninger will be commentating at the Tour with Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwin and Bob Roll, for NBC. This should be interesting.

I’ve known Scott since he was a wee junior. He has a pretty good perspective on most things involved in the sport. It is going to be fun seeing how he meshes in with these three guys. It’s about time they got some good Midwestern views.

13 thoughts on “Scott Moninger at the Tour with Phil and Paul

  1. Sean YD

    Did you also see where NBC won the rights to broadcast the Tour de France through the year 2023?

  2. JD

    I always like Moninger as a cyclist but personally found him to be very “dry” and lacking in outward enthusiasm… which no doubt played a role in gaining him his nickname. I hope his on-camera persona comes across as exciting as his racing style, otherwise it could be crash and burn for his TV career.

  3. JR

    They should put Phil out to pasture. He’ll have 10 mistakes before the first hour of le Tour is even over! He was once good (10+ years ago) but makes too many gaffes now IMO.

  4. David

    I like Scott also… and great to listen too. It doesnt bother you that he was a “user” and was suspended at one time?

  5. ken hillier

    good to see new commentators start to take over at last from the train wreck that is ligget and sherwen

  6. Blake Barrilleaux

    “The sport of professional bike racing.” Count the usage this year per stage and post a Tour total.

  7. Jeff M

    Yeah, I watched the Giro with my wife the last two years and we both agreed that Steve Schlanger and Todd Gogolski were much more interesting to listen to than Phil and Paul saying the same phrases over and over and over and over ad f’kn nauseum. ugh.

  8. Exeter

    I’ll admit that Steve Schlanger and Todd Gogolski are interesting, but not as interesting as Phil and Paul. As for this guy Scott Moninger, unfortunately what “JD” above has come true. He is as boring as you can get. But not offensive, like the current “prime time” co-host, Liam McHugh, another in a long line of dull “professional announcers” they get for the prime time audience. At least they don’t have Bob Costas.

  9. Boulder chick

    I am so tired of Phil and Paul I sometimes watch the tour with the volume down. Holy irritating. LOVED Gogo last year but heard Bob didn’t like him. Our friend Scott is doing a great job, hope we can start to change the tide, it’s old and tiring (not the tour…. 🙂 GO SCOTT!)

  10. Claire kamaka

    I love Phil and paul. The tour would not be nearly as interesting without them. Bob, Liam, and Craig have proven to be great editions but scott has been a really great addition. Keep this team! I would like to see them broadcast the whole race once per day instead of half the race over and over.


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