Tour de Suisse Stage 3 Finish

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Here is another video to watch if you have time. Check it out about 54 seconds in. Peter Sagan comes through a wet corner and jams his foot on the ground, doesn’t miss a beat and wins the stage. I have no idea if he just got lucky or actually possesses the skills to clip back into his road pedal on the fly like that, but it was incredible.

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8 thoughts on “Tour de Suisse Stage 3 Finish

  1. Joseph

    Off topic but I was wondering I you have any reaction to the exclusion of Chris Horner from the TdF?

    Thanks for the honest commentary, I check this, inrng, and cyclingnews every day.

  2. -kw

    David Miller did the unclip-and-clip-back-in dance the other day at the end of his TT, too. Like magic.

  3. steevo

    Steve – MTB world champ right? Skills.

    Also, I watched Tulsa Tough live streaming the other night with some friends. We watched the cat 1 race which was full of ex pros and fast dudes. Why were they not in the pro race, but traveled all the way from CA? what are your thoughts on that?!?!

  4. SB

    Sagan has skills fer sure… I’d guess he’s done plenty of cx in his day.

    One of my other old school racer buddies is always griping that many pro’s these days don’t seem to have good handling skills; I think it’s partly related to the lack of racing days that you always talk about.

  5. Jeff Unruh

    I read somewhere that Sagan did race Cross in his youth (what is he 22, 23 years old?) so probably has some handling skills for an unclip!


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