Don’t Miss It – The Transit of Venus – Today Only

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Unless there are some miracle medical advances, today will be the last time that the planet Venus passes in front of the sun in our lifetime. It will occur from 5:03 Kansas time until sunset. So, for those time challenged, that is 6:03 Eastern time and 3:03 pm Western Time Zone. It is going to be a pretty cool thing to see, so get out your welding glasses or old film negatives and take a peek.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss It – The Transit of Venus – Today Only

  1. jp

    I inhaled / swallowed something tonight, have no idea what it was, still feels like its in my throat, I tried to get it out right away but was breathing so hard I couldn’t, hopefully that means it didn’t go down into my lungs. Weird that you just wrote about that.


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