Bjarne Riis Video about Taking Drugs

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Here’s a video I saw on where Bjarne Riis, former Tour winner and now director at Saxo Bank, talks abit about taking drugs. He doesn’t really sound too remorseful to me.

4 thoughts on “Bjarne Riis Video about Taking Drugs

  1. Knower

    il ne regrette rien. He resolved his doping a long time ago. Pity for the sport that he is still around. Mr 60% would won virtually nothing without epo, so he owes it everything. Including his current role.

  2. double d

    He was definately big time responder to e. It made him millions. He was shit rider before e.

  3. Redzing

    Yes, he was not anything along the lines of Rolf Sorenson, not even an average pro before epo. It really is a pity that he is involved on any level, as his Tour win was a terrible sham (as were, I believe, the subsequent 10 tour wins by various ultra drugged riders). At least he has admitted it, though. I still believe that Big Mig was clean, prob. would have won one more tour in 96 without the advent of designer e.


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