Talk about the Wrong Line

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Go Frank, go.

And how about this guy benefiting from the carnage. I’m not sure I’ve ever moved up this many guys when I was so buried at 200 meters.

16 thoughts on “Talk about the Wrong Line

  1. Michael

    Some people seem to care more about the barriers down than riders. Too funny.

  2. Jason

    This was the Cat 4 race, if I remember correctly almost every field except for the P1/2 had issues with that corner. I got to see it from the other side of the finish line, it looked like he didn’t even attempt to turn.

  3. spice

    yes, it was a downhill left turn with a manhole cover and dip in the pavement right at the corner. The guy just went in too hot for his skill level.

    It was only the 2nd crit of the season up here, might have something to do it with also.

    there’s a video of Pro1/2 race kicking around..those dudes did it fine.

  4. jpants

    They were actually trying to get the barrier off an older gentleman who was spectating. He may have been hurt more than the rider who walked away from his own dumb ass move.

  5. Roger Young

    This is why we love racing. The chance of ultimate distruction is around any corner.

  6. jp

    spice what does 2nd crit of the season have to do with it ? there are plenty of training races/crits/great group training rides since march going on in Pa. I would say the problem more so was it was the 2nd crit the guy who started the mess ever did in his cycling career.

  7. jp

    ok maybe my comment was a little harsh towards spice and the crash guy, but my point is that the lower level riders don’t take advantage of the resources they have right in their area. I am friends with a guy that was in that race and dnf’d before it started getting ugly. The guy I know did not do any of the foglesville training races, never has done the derby, never did the Thursday t-town training races, never does real group rides with people that race, so how is he or any others that do this lack of preperation ever going to handle a dicey, technical aspect in a race situation ? I think they need to throw those garmins away and stop posting stupid stuff on stava, and learn how to ride their bikes. Ok this is pretty harsh I guess too.

  8. poyntell

    Okay. Sorry, guys. But the leader’s crash? Totally avoidable? A little lean on the turn never hurts. Did he have his eyes closed? Huh? Just stupid.

  9. AP

    I just dont understand how you can mess up the last turn of a crit so bad. He must have just gone brain dead once he hit the front. He was so far away from the yellow line when he came into view, you would have thought the road had another lane width to it.
    At least the cat 3 crash had the guy taking a much better line. I think the stars just got in his eyes, blocking his vision. Or maybe it was the zebra stripped jersey.

  10. spice

    2nd crit equals lack of practice. most of those training races and rides do not have technical corners like those of downtown crit courses.

    JP..botttomline we both agree they need to practice bike handling

  11. Blake Barrilleaux

    If by bike handling skills you mean lack of good judgement for that corner, then you are right. Stuff happens. Next time one is railing a corner at 30+ and your front tire washes out at full lean angle, tell me how rad ones bike handling skills are.

  12. H Luce

    Did any of these guys do a lap around the course before the race? It looks like about four or five of them, not just the first guy, had a collision course set with the fence at the outset – there was no way they weren’t going to wreck but they just kept on going at full speed. Of course it doesn’t help that one section of the fence flew up and landed perpendicular to the curb, blocking most of the lane of traffic to the right of the yellow line…

  13. Noah

    @ BB, agreed! from the video it appears that whether the tire washes out or not, there was no way that guy was making that turn…bad line to begin with, and everyone followed him right into it


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