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My day was long yesterday. For some reason I seem to be needed more when I’m not racing than when I am actually competing. I tried to get back to the hotel to nap, but my phone kept ringing all afternoon, so that was a bust. Bromont seemed to sleep right through it though.

One of the things I like about Joe Martin is that there are all categories racing all day during the weekend. So at the road race, there are Master Women mixed Cat 4 men, mixed with Pro men, etc. all at the start area together. I know that isn’t unique to this race only, but it seems more cohesive here, camaraderie at it’s best. I half expect a chorus of Kumbaya to break out at anytime.

I tried to make it out to the finish for most of my friend’s races. It was pretty good. Catherine won the Master women’s Road Race. Chad Cagle won the 1/2 race. Then Eric Marcotte won the Pro race with Joseph Schmaltz finishing 3rd. So the Elbowz guys finished 1 and 3 with all these “Professional” teams at the race. Pretty good showing. Joseph is winning the best young rider category once again after winning it at San Dimas the last two years and Nature Valley Gran Prix last season.

It is impossible to not run into someone who wants talk about my shoulder here. It is nice, but a little old now. But, I really have to thank everyone for going out of their way to give me some of their personal experiences and advise. I really appreciate it. I really do. I hope to know more about the whole situation by Monday afternoon. ’til then, I’m just trying to survive.

I don’t really mind watching the finishes to the races. I don’t have any thoughts at all about doing them. Today is going to be different watching the criterium. I hope to go find a nice shaded area that is not around many people and just hang and watch with Bromont. Bill and the other guys aren’t racing until 3:30 pm. I hope the Pro race isn’t a tempo session. That makes it so boring. I haven’t talked to many guys racing it, so don’t have any of the details of the races thus far. But, both road races have been field sprints, so nothing new there once again.

We’re not getting back until late tonight, since we’re not leaving here until 5 or 6 pm. Tomorrow I have to go to Kansas City to see the doctor and then pick up Trudi who is flying back from Tour of Romandie. She has a week to stay in Kansas before heading out West for Tour of California. Kind of a short turn around, but I’m sure she is going to appreciate the time, no matter how short it is.

Catherine, after winning, getting congratulations from Julie Carter.

And here is Chad Cagle, with Matt Ankney, after schooling the 1/2 field by a couple bike lengths in the field sprint of the road race today.

Eric Marcotte is so far ahead, he isn't in the picture at 40 meters to go. Joseph is in the white young riders jersey and finished 3rd.

This is how the road looked after the finish of the Masters Womens finish. Ugly.

Bromont could be the best sleeper in the world.

I was at a coffeeshop today and there was a couple next to me excitedly talking about travelling to Europe. I couldn't believe the title to the book. When I first went to Europe, the title was "Europe From $5 a Day". It made me feel super old.

See, I told ya.

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  1. Julie Stark

    If we could only sleep like our pets do! I’m glad you’re going to see a doctor about your shoulder.


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