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When I got down to Austin yesterday afternoon, I needed to work with my bike a little bit. I was messing around and finally took a good look at the bike that Sue is borrowing from Jimmy Hoyt and Richardson Bike Mart.

I knew it was a signed Lance Armstrong Madone. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a signed special addition frame. It is number 7 out of 600. It was from when Lance had only won 6 Tours, but he did go on to win the 7th, so it pretty unique. It is one of Jimmy Hoyt’s personal bikes, but he lets Sue get it and ride it whenever she is in town. Pretty nice of him.

I’ve known Jimmy since the Schwinn days. That was nearly a quarter century ago. He has always been a super supporter of the racing aspect of the sport, but is also a supporter of the sport in general. It is a honor to call him a friend.

Riding in Austin yesterday around here was trying for Sue. And me, to a certain extent. We didn’t get here until mid afternoon and by the time we got out and rode West over the dam, it was 5 o’clock. Needless to say, there was a whole bunch of traffic. That, in my opinion, is the main problem the city of Austin has for cycling. Way, way too much traffic. Especially out in the Hill Country where there aren’t that many road that connect different rides. But, everywhere has issues.

It was 90 degrees yesterday and when I was climbing, it seemed hotter than ever. Even though it’s been nice this spring, I wasn’t ready for that yet. Okay, I need to get going.

My Andy Schleck frame and Jimmy's Livestrong bike.

The badge stating number 7.

Ann on her new Joggling board.

And Ann's project 1 Madone in her garage. She has become runner now, but is just starting to get injured, as all runners do, so she needs to get out on her bike some.

8 thoughts on “Special Bikes

  1. Justin Green

    Jimmy was huge in me getting started in competitive cycling. I do triathlons now but surely wouldn’t be doing them without the support he gave me as a junior cyclist.

  2. SB

    Jim and Rhonda and the whole RBM crew, in my opinion, are the single largest reason that cycling is as big in North Texas as it is… and to a large degree, that cycling is as big in the US as it is.

    Consider: where would this sport be if Lance had not received Jim’s support when he was a teenager?

  3. devin

    I thought that was an Schleck sticker,, and wanted to ask while we were riding but thought it was a dumb question.. Full circle now..

  4. Tommasini53

    WHAT is a Joggling Board?? Please explain & demonstrate. Is it something runners use when injured?

  5. Stanley

    A joggling board is a pliable board that is placed between two rockers and used in gardens and patios. When you sit on it you can bounce up and down and back and forth..as Ann is doing in the picture. It is kind of like a bench that moves. They are popular in the South Carolina lowcountry. http://www.jogglinboard.org

  6. Scott Dickson

    Jim and Rhonda matched up Marsha and me at a Dallas bike club meeting in 1984 and we are still together. It was great to see them on RAGBRAI last summer.


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