Little Things Matter

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Last night I was walking Bromont over at a park here in Richardson around 10:30 at night. Bromont has this blinky light on his collar and I let him run around, off leash, chasing rabbits and such. This car pulled into the parking lot and it seemed a little odd since it is a dead end and they really wouldn’t be any reason to park there then.

This guy gets out of the car and goes into his truck and pulls out a metal detector. He has the whole setup with headphones and shoulder strap. The guy seemed sort of old, balding, gray hair on the edges. He seemed okay, so, I go over and ask him what he’s looking for.

He proceeds to tell me that he has two daughters that like to come over to the park and run around barefoot. And that when the riding mowers go over aluminum cans, they shred the cans like shrapnel and his children cut their feet up. So, he bought a metal detector that is made nearby in Garland, and when he has some “free dad time”, he comes over to the park and clears it of the metal.

I was totally blown away. I couldn’t believe that there was a person that had the time and energy to do something like that. It goes to show you what extent people will go to protect the children.

I have to give the guy an enormous amount of credit. He is doing everyone that wants to run around the park barefoot a service. It seems a little mind boggling considering he is just one guy in a huge park, but he is doing it anyway. It does to show you what individuals in society contribute to the well being of the society in whole. All these people, behind the scenes, doing little things that make it better for the rest of us. We could use way more people around like this guy doing their part to help.

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Bromont showing off his form playing during a break.

6 thoughts on “Little Things Matter

  1. Michael

    Yea lots of folks do tons of things to help where they can/see the need,makes the world go around, neat isn’t it?

  2. Scott Hembree

    Stating the obvious here; The shoes guys are so missing the point. Running barefoot in grass is therapeutic and something kids love to do. We should all walk barefoot through the grass when we can. As for glass, maybe all our kids should play in work boots not sneakers?


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