Easter – Roubaix

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Happy Easter! If you’re not watching Paris-Roubaix right now, you should be. Tom Boonen is time trialing 1 minute ahead of a big group of 14. Team Sky is making a muck of the chase. I’m sure Boonen going to do quite well since his number is 11. Here are the links to the live video. Enjoy.

Okay, Boonen schooled those guys. Pretty impressive. How about the sprint for 2nd? That Europcar guy came from nowhere to finish 2nd. And Ballan 3rd? Guess he was fresher than the other guys. Pretty cool finish. Okay. Going to ride my bike for a few hours.

Pretty close, huh?

Trudi's Easter eggs driving across Europe.

And her surprise.

7 thoughts on “Easter – Roubaix

  1. tj

    Steve, NBC Sports is playing it live on the TV. The coverage is good, you don’t need to stream it on the computer!

  2. Knower

    Stream Eurosport so you get commentators who know about bike races. NBC coverage is awful. Then have NBC on mute. Phil and paul are terrible. They seem not to know the first thing about bike racing.

  3. AP

    Watching on tv you got coverage of the last 40k. Streaming it was almost the whole race, and way more exciting.

  4. Rad Renner

    My German wife gets a box of those “Kinder Eier” every year when she goes home to Germany. They can’t sell them in the US because the plastic egg (with the toy/gizmo inside) is surrounded by the chocolate. Apparently european kids are smarter than ours and don’t try to eat the whole chocolate egg at once. Some people collect the “toys/gizmos” on the inside, sort of like Cracker Jacks. BMC and Ballan mucked up that sprint for sure. Hey, does Trudi ever work with Sean Weide (BMC PR guy)? Sean’s an old friend of mine.

  5. Sean YD

    Trudi and I worked two races in Spain the past three weeks before I zoomed over to catch Paris-Roubaix, Rad. Hope all is well!

  6. Mark

    Litterally everyone is on 27’s now. The Europcar guy Turgot was on 30’s as a few others were. Not sure what Ballan had but looking at that photo finish, those 30’s may have made the difference. Boom was on a ‘cross bike to. He looked great….until the velodrome sprint tactics started.


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