Fruit from all over the World

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I’ve been eating a ton of fruit recently. I’ve actually sort of been skipping meals all together somewhat and just snacking most of the day. I hadn’t really checked out the fruit selection at the grocery recently in depth. Man, are there some weird fruit there. I wonder who, if anybody buys them. I’m not even sure how you would eat some of them.

I think it is interesting how they ship fruit from all over the world to end up at a place I can get it. I rarely get grapes from anywhere but Chile in the winter. A lot of the fruit is from South American. I don’t understand, with the price of shipping, how they can bring it all the way up to me and make any money.

They seem to be pushing a lot of different/unique fruits on us nowadays. All these fruits that are supposedly so good for you, pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, etc. The same with nuts. I don’t get why no one thought they were good for you 10 years ago?

Anyway, I dig fruit, so I like eating all the unique kinds. What bothers me is that the normal fruit, the oranges, apples, plums, peaches, never seem to be in season much anymore. I hardly ever get a peach that just drips down my chin when I bite into it. I don’t know why that is, but it is sad.

I should try to get on a more regimented meal schedule, but for some reason, it seems to be eluding me.

I have no idea what you do with these guys, but they are super expensive.

And there were a whole basket of these. After you peel them, there would be nothing left.

I have been purchasing bike race sponsors goods. Lots fo pistachios and anything sold by California Giant.

Nothing to do with fruit, but these three guys became its a couple days ago. They all seemed great when they got home.

Bromont would get jealous if I didn't put a picture of him here too. This is from last night running after the ride.

One of the best things about dogs is their pure joy when doing something they love.

8 thoughts on “Fruit from all over the World

  1. kansaboy


    The reason you don’t get that peach is that they cut down Skinner’s peach orchard down at the Kansas river years ago.

    I remember picking some fruit, cherries over at Rees Fruit Farm as a kid. Pay 10 cents a bucket.

    Also picked an apple harvest out in Washington state.

    You ought to try picking food for a wage alongside the campesinos. Will open your eyes.

    Also meet that hard work requirement you crave.

  2. Neil Kopitsky

    The mini oranges look like Kumquats. They are totally the lazy guy’s fruit. You don’t actually peel them at all and they are tart and sweet . . . . super tasty. My wife buys them occasionally and I end up going through the box in a couple of days. I really hope they aren’t too expensive!

  3. Mike

    Eat locally and in season for the best results in taste and variety.

    Used to be people could only eat certain produce seasonally unless it was provisioned.

    Eat what’s in season from your area.
    It’s nutritionally a better deal.

    That’s helping out your local farmer and forgoing big agribusiness.

  4. Ryan

    Steve, if you ever make it out to Hawaii, you have got to check out the farmers markets there. They have some of the craziest fruits you’ll ever see. Check out the Rambutan. It looks super dangerous from the outside, and like a hard-boiled egg on the inside. Pretty tasty too. Oh yeah, and the rides you can do in Hawaii are incredible too. Might be able to satisfy your desire to take up surfing as well.


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