Cycling Live this Morning

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You can watch the first of the Belgium spring races here now with the Dwars Door Vlaanderen on now. There are 65 km left.

Or you can catch stage 3 of the Volta a Catalunya at 10 am here.

If you having trouble with the video, go to or and there are more choices for feeds.

Seems like a epic day in Spain. This is live from the BMC team car.

6 thoughts on “Cycling Live this Morning

  1. Steve

    Awesome, thanks! Those cobble climbs look crazy. Every time someone sees a smooth gutter they jump on it if only for a few seconds.

  2. JimW




    That is a very important race to win.
    It foretells of racing to come.

  3. Jim

    Retract, retract. It didn’t count because I didn’t see it. j/k.

    P/N is an important test for sure, just meant nothing MSR, nothing in Dwars, Cav ate his way into his stripes. Steve should write about how fat he is representing the Rainbow.

    E3 in two days – yikes!

  4. Jim

    Mm. Clarification – P/N a portent for GC type riders, more of a fitness tuner for the Belgians.

    Gonna be a great year.


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