Bad for my Mind

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I went out yesterday and had the worst ride of the year. Worst ride physically that is. All rides are okay normally, but when you feel bad, the mental aspect is had to ignore.

I’d really like to know what happens when you get on your bike and the pedals feel like they are stuck in sludge, which is really your body not functioning properly. That was yesterday. Then, when I got out of bed this morning, I felt like I was run over by a truck.

There are lots of environmental reasons that I could feel like shit. The pollen counts are off the charts. The air looks like 1500 England because they have started burning the fields again. Plus, it was a record high of 84 degrees, which seemed really hot for some reason. But, it really doesn’t matter, the outcome was the outcome.

I guess the real reason I’m so bummed about yesterday is that sometimes, past seasons, this time of year is when I start to have a crazy bad slump. Such a low physical slump that I have a hard time functioning. I guess it is probably a combination of all the above mentioned environmental causes that are to blame, but it’s all the same to my body. I guess only time will tell here. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

7 thoughts on “Bad for my Mind

  1. Fiddler

    May be due to Sunday’s race conditions. I’m having a hard time recovering this week. Cold, rain, plus multiple hard efforts uphill = trashed legs.

  2. Tommasini53

    Tree pollen count in N.E. Kansas sky rocketed over the weekend. Maybe some rain will clean out the air.

  3. DavidA

    Steve, get lots of rest, drink a glass of beet juice in the morning (Trader Joes) and maybe try the Dale Stetina recovery training…put it in your lowest gear and ride that for a few days until you cant stand it anymore. Worth a try.

  4. devin

    You have heard it all before,, you have been crushing it and rest is good but I am not one to preach rest.. Get in the right mind set and get back after it.

  5. Jim

    As I age, I am amazed at how each year seems to be so much harder on my body than the previous years.
    Actually, I haven’t felt very good on a ride this year. It actually has me a little concerned but I will (hopefully) ride through it.
    Best to you also.


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