Racing in Tulsa

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I’m down in Tulsa racing the next couple days. Kind of behind today, so have to make this short. I love the town of Tulsa. It’s kind of a unpolished jewel of a city. The downtown is where they hold the 3 Tulsa Tough events. It is a collection of old buildings and new people.

Anyway, I had a chance to stop by and check out the new Oklahoma ranch of my friend Rod Lake on the way here. I only stopped for enough time for him to give me a quick tour, but the place is amazing. I didn’t take enough pictures, but you never would have thought you were in the state of Oklahoma. The whole area was riddled with running water. A river on one side, a couple streams and a couple more ponds, that really were lakes. Full grown trees on one side and pastures on the other. It was amazing. I’m, for sure, going to make it a point to come through with my MTB bike and hang some next time through.

I’m racing the Salty Cow. Today is calld a criterium, but is really a circuit race. It is a dumbbell shaped course with the started finish line at the top of a hill. It can be a hard race because of the terrain, but sometimes the wind isn’t too gentle either. Okay, I need to get going.

Rod and his dog Camo.

One of the streams. Not what you'd like a Oklahoma stream bed would look like.

2 thoughts on “Racing in Tulsa

  1. Brent

    Thanks for the always kind words about Tulsa. I guess because i am from Tulsa, that creek is exactly what i expect. I don’t think of flat plains when i think of Oklahoma. I think of rolling hills, thick woods, and very rocky terrain.

  2. Mark Te Ruki

    We always enjoy having you come to our races in Tulsa Steve. Thanks for supporting our races, big and small, throughout the years. Always great to have a rider in the field sporting the Rainbow Stripes on their jersey.


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