Lago Vista (very short)- Counter Clockwise

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I just got back to Topeka a few minutes ago. It is after 4 am. I think the results below speak for themselves. I’ll post something on the race when I wake up later.

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4 thoughts on “Lago Vista (very short)- Counter Clockwise

  1. Thomas

    Steve How do you and all those Elbowz guys train and race full time? If the team pays for races and gas and gear that is a big chunck but life is expensive. I am working way to much not getting ahead and not getting to race and ride. Please enlighten me.

  2. channel_zero


    In many cases, it’s some version of the Bank of Mom and Dad fully or partially sponsoring their big dream. Nice, right?

    Some guys wait tables to make ends meet. Waiting works because scheduling can be opposite racing pretty easily.

    If you are not progressing, my crackpot scheme is to ride much less but much more intensely for maybe 4 weeks. No racing until placing better in a 10-mile time trial or something like that.

  3. H Luce

    Steve has a side career working on houses. He could easily make that his full-time occupation and never lack for work. The quality of the work he produces is top-notch, as witness his work on my roof… and in his case, he’s been making his own money since about 1980. Enough said here.

  4. simon

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