2 thoughts on “2012 Strade Bianche

  1. Bill Humphreys

    This guy is amazing and demoralizing to others in the Peleton at the same time.
    I have always liked Tom Boonen and wish him well this year but he has a real problem here…again this year. He has 4 weeks to the day for The Rhonde and Paris Nice is his best chance to get his form in order. BMC and Garmin may have to form a combine just like Central Park back in the day…I would be checking cell phones between Och and Jonathan in the coming weeks.
    What Fun….Oh by the by….I am going to crank up a Blog based on my racing diaries from 1973 in which I came from total obscurity got haircut shaved legs moved to Princeton NJ rooming house and proceeded to work my way onto the Raleigh Team. Ciao,,,Bike Guy


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