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I don’t have much time here. I have to get going up to Walburg to race at 8 am. I think the race is officially 80 miles, but it is actually closer to 72. It is always windy there, but there is a rumor going around that it is going to be fairly calm today.

We got to Austin without too much traffic. It was a little ugly in Dallas and again right into Austin, but that is always the case. We rode over and picked up our numbers and got 20 miles in. I felt like shit. My tooth isn’t cooperating with my dentist’s work as of now. So, eating and doing about any other thing with my mouth is not good. I actually took a pain pill last night to sleep, which is totally out of character for me, but teeth problems seem to make me a wimp.

There are a ton of us upstairs at Ann’s house here. 7 to be exact, plus Bromont and Ann’s dog Stanley, who likes to hang upstairs when we’re here. I met Ann the first time through these races, I don’t know when, maybe 6 years ago. Every since then, it has been a home away from home here in Austin. Everyone had an early morning, Ann running 5 miles at 5:15 am and then going to work and us heading out by 6 am, so we didn’t get much of a chance to catch up. Hopefully tonight that will happen.

KU is playing Missouri for the last time in Allen Field house this afternoon at 3 pm, since Missouri is leaving the Big 12, so today’s game is special. If KU wins, they are the outright Champions of the Big 12. If Missouri wins, then KU can still tie for the lead. So, needless to say, we need to skedaddle back after the race. I hope I feel better riding my bike than walking around.

The Birkie is today up in Cable/Hayward. I want to wish good luck to Kent and Katie, plus all the CXC guys and gals doing the race. It isn’t going to be much warmer here at the start, lower 40’s, than what you’re having today, upper 20’s. Have fun.

Here's a photo I bought off eBay from the Chicago Sun Times. It was taken after the Gant race in Chicago. Long story there.

The back has all the information for the story.

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  1. H Luce

    Steve – make some hot water and dissolve all the kosher salt you can in it, or get sea salt from Whole Foods, make about a pint of it, and swish it around in your mouth as hot as you can stand it. Continue until you finish off the pint. Also, while you’re at Whole foods, get yourself a bottle of Echinacea Supreme tincture from Gaia Herbs, and when you get to where you’re staying, put three droppers full into a glass of water (8 oz), and swish that around in your mouth until it tingles and then keep doing it, do that for the entire glassful of water… The American Indians used to call Echinacea “toothache root”…


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