2 thoughts on “Super Tour Start/Crash – MSP Couple Weeks Ago

  1. Greg

    That was Matt Liebsch who crashed. And the video is really funny. But there’s an incredible story there too (see my recount at http://mattliebsch.com/). Along with your other post on under-funded CX athletes, Matt is just such a skier. His dream is the Olympics in 2014, but with the little he wins he has to fund his training and support a wife and 2 kids. Matt is an amazing guy. I am a member of Team Birkie that was formed to help support Matt for reasons you explored. I am sorry your Pre-Birkie went poorly. I did my first and it was incredible… next time Drew waxes your skies consider asking to ski his — he was sure fast on them. Keep on writing it’s great to read.


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