Albert’s Manager is an Idiot

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I’m not sure why people of authority seem to always want to air their views publicly. A manager is supposed to be media savvy. Niels Albert’s manager isn’t, not even close. And his statement makes his client look like a unappreciative cheapskate. His statement is that Niels shouldn’t split his cross worlds bonus with his team mates. He goes on to say when being asked about the agreement before the race that the bonus would be split, “Who is violating the agreements? Albert or the other Belgians?” He is implying that Nys and Pauwels were chasing Albert, which they were (so what) so they don’t deserve their split.

I’m not sure what to say other than Niels should come out immediately and say his manager is full of shit and that he will of course give his full bonus to his Belgian team mates. It’s not like we’re talking much money here, it’s 22,000 Euro total. Niels will get that back in 2 starts next season.

You can click here to see the whole article. I thought that Christophe Roodhooft, Niels manager, seemed pretty genuine while being interview during the last laps of the race. He was breaking up and crying he was so emotional. Reminded of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. Now he seems more like Michael Douglas’ character of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.

Belgium National TV even interviews Niels' wife and his manager after the race.

Christophe resembles Gekko more.

2 thoughts on “Albert’s Manager is an Idiot

  1. Doug P

    Geez. So the other Belgians rode for the rest of the podium places. What’s wrong with that? “National” teams are hastily constructed entities created for a handful of races. They are already about as hard to manage as herding cats, and these kind of shenanigans can only make things worse.


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