Day After Worlds

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Okay, I’ll do a full write up post on the race tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ve been pretty short of time ever since the race finished at noon yesterday. And today, Catherine is racing at 9:30 am, so I’m heading over to the course at 8 am to check it out for her and see if there are any new lines. And Ned is racing at 1 pm, so I’m going to meet him over there to pre ride and then watch the race. Guess we’re driving back to Kansas after that.

The race didn’t seem that technical to me, but it most obviously must of been because that is all everyone else is talking about. There are good lines on 85% of the course, so that seems pretty alright to me. It snowed a little last night, so I’m really interested in what the soil composition is going to be like. I’d guess frozen at 9 to sloppy/slick at 1 pm.

It was fun racing in a Stars and Stripes jersey yesterday. But, I didn’t mind “trading it in” that much. The crowd was super encouraging, to all, not just me. Cyclo-X fans are some of the most dedicated fans in all sports.

I’m pretty exhausted from the last couple weeks. Last day of cross for a while, I think. But, you never know.

Winning yesterday.

Pretty cool jersey. Trudi's grandma knitted the hat, maybe 15 years ago.

Trudi pinning Catherine's number last night. Catherine picked an awesome random number, front row start.

7 thoughts on “Day After Worlds

  1. M. Hecht

    Congrats to 2012’s Cyclo-X
    National AND World Champion!

    Your hometown, friends, and classmates are on top of the world right along with you! You’re not just a great athlete; you’re a great person all the way.

    Your life conveys a great message: work hard and love what you do.

    Congrats again on great achievements, past and current.

    Best wishes and safe travels!


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