Nationals Today/Video

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Race went about like I had hoped. I’ll write something later when I’m more toasty and rested. Something about not enough sleep and cold weather that makes one tired. Here’s a writeup for Cyclocross Magazine about the race this morning for now.

Here’s a short video of the race from

Watch more video of Steve Tilford on

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11 thoughts on “Nationals Today/Video

  1. jt

    hines would kick us all around on a dirt bike with a motor. many national championships in enduro on KTM’s. ISDE gold, too. good win as he is tough as nails, yet you are tougher

  2. Gary Crandall

    Way to go Tilly – your peeps in Cable will be buzzing at the Rivers Eatery tonight toasting your victory and maybe having a great pizza at the same time – gary c

  3. Scott Dickson

    Another damn Stars & Stripes jersey needing to wedge into an already crowded closet. Congratulations!!!

  4. mlove

    Over a 3 min gap between 2nd and 3rd place?!? Is that correct? That’s crazy. Congratulations.


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