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Yesterday was long. I’m feeling pretty bad. I’m not sure if that is because I spent 3 hours at the dentist again, taking antibiotics for 6 days or racing 3 cyclo-x races, with 2 being pretty epic. Whatever the reason, I’m beat. I rode 3 hours yesterday and didn’t hardly go anywhere. So, I’m going to rest and wait it out I guess and try to catch up on some stuff I’ve been putting off.

I started messing around trying to get another scooter up and running for motor pacing. It went pretty good. I have two more Honda Elite 150 Deluxe scooters. Both are from 1986. I bought one in Minneapolis and one in St. Louis a few years ago. One has 700+ miles and the other a little over 2000. Pretty crazy low mileage for both. Both run. One was missing a gas tank and the rear brake light and a few other parts, but I have most those by now.

The problem is that neither came with a title. So, I have to figure out how to register them and get them retitled. Both the guys I bought them from we not scooter thieves. They just hadn’t had the scooters running forever and didn’t have the titles. I’m not sure how to go about getting a tag, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Today I’m going over to a friends house and starting to put a rubber roof on his porch. It has a tar and gravel roof now, but it is leaking and he wants rubber. I’m not sure how long that will take. It is supposed to rain by Friday, so I’d better be done before then.

Both my cross bikes are pretty hammered from last weekend. I could hardly turn the cranks on one of the Eriksen’s. It turnout out to be a seized up derailluer pulley. It was a Enduro ceramic pulley. I haven’t had very good luck with either their crank bearings for my Trek road bike or these pulleys. They just aren’t sealed good enough to withstand the elements. Too bad, because they are super smooth.

Okay. I’m making sourdough pancakes for breakfast before I head out. I’ve had this sourdough starter for nearly 20 years now. I thought I lost it once, when the jar exploded in the refrigerator when I had been gone for too long, but I’d given some to Catherine. She had never used it and it was just sitting in the back of her refrigerator. I snagged it back and then gave her some more later. The pancakes are more like crepes, really good. Only pure maple syrup of course.

The two scooters. I like it when the headlights pop out when you turn the key.

These is the one I"m making work right. I put a new speedometer cable in last night.

Pretty low mileage.

I had to go and pick up a friend Nan Gatewood and Trudi yesterday. Nan got this piece of glass in a tubeless tire. I've never seen anything this big sticking out of a tire. It obviously didn't seal.

My dentist, Dr. Johnson is a wizard making crowns . Dentistry has really improved in the last 10 years.

I like the long shadows out riding this time of the year.

And the sunsets. Trudi took this out riding with Bromont at sunset yesterday.


9 thoughts on “Riding/Life

  1. e-RICHIE

    jeez steve – between this and jonny bold’s last blog entry i sense a paradigm shift somewhere in the age-graded end of the sport atmo.

  2. double D

    You’re never going to be able to register them. i can’t register mine either but i don’t care.

  3. Veloloser

    Not sure about your state but here under 50cc scooters don’t need a title. Just get some Honda50 stickers off eBay and print off the 50cc manual to carry around. Oh, and don’t go over 40mph. Haha.

  4. WildCat

    Wow RICHIE – You’re not kidding about JB’s last blog entry. Good for him though really. Sometimes we just get tired. And I don’t mean sleepy tired. I mean just “The hell with it” tired. Emotionally, physically, and to a certain degree spiritually too. Every so often I think life just gets in the way of living. I wish I could get into the habit of giving myself a small amount of thinking time every day. I guess you could call it meditating. I don’t know. But, I haven’t done it since college when I used to have time between classes and I would just sit on campus and people watch. Anyway, I think that small amount of time helps. I wonder if JB gets any of that kind of time. Steve, I’m curious to know what you think of Jonny’s last entry. As it pertains to cycling, but also life in general.

  5. Jason

    When I was still building vintage motorcycles this used to happen all the time with titles. Not sure of the laws in Kansas but should be to apply for a lost title. It depends on how the Honda’s are titled, usually it will either be by the frame or engine serial numbers, the DMV runs the numbers as long as they don’t come back as stolen then you’re good to go.

    If not there are companies that will title it in another state and send it to you to transfer over to Kansas.

  6. Big E

    Can’t you get a salvage title for them? I was under the impression that if you ever purchased a vehicle that doens’t have a title all you need to do is fill out the form for a salvage title. Show a reciept that proves you purchased it, pay your money to the dmv and you should be good to go.

  7. Jordan

    Steve, you have balls. After the all day license plate debacle you are going in for titles and plates!

    Another idea is just update and get plates for your stolen scooter from last year.

  8. jg

    Yep, lost title should be the process – at least that’s the procedure here in Texas. I had to do that for my Elite 80. A bit of a ball buster, but no big deal, all in all.


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