Joules Cross Day 2

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Yesterday was the 2nd day of a two day cross outside Lawrence. It was a super power course. Ryan Trebon would have loved it. Before the race, I wasn’t that excited about the new route. It was way too much riding and wind for my liking.

Joseph Schmalz called me about an hour before the race and said he was out training and wanted to know if he should come by and race. I said, “Sure.” He has been training at altitude before the USGP in Fort Collins and is heading down to Guatemala with the US U23 National Team at the end of the week for a 10 day stage race. He wanted to do some intensity, with no pressure, and has pretty low (good) cyclocross ranking points, so he was volunteering to throw his points into the USAC random number generator and hopefully lower all our points.

Joseph has had a pretty great season this year with some big wins in Texas, Lawrence, and Iron Hill Criterium. Cross has been an emphasis for him historically, but with Nationals being a month later, he’s doing it right and staying fit late into the season.

The race was fun. Brian was more motivated and pulled pretty much the first two laps. The 2nd time over the barriers, I didn’t dismount and put in a dig up the climb back to the finish. Joseph and I got a little gap, Andrew caught back on, but Brian got gapped a little. Joseph pulled super hard the next 3/4 lap and eventually Andrew lost my wheel. About a 1/2 lap later Joseph pulled over and left me on my own. I wasn’t that thrilled to be riding the next 45 minutes with a 30 mph North wind. But, it worked out fine.

I was having a much better day than the day before. It was just an energy management issue. There weren’t many places on this course to rest, no big descents, not too many corners in sequence where you can get in a break. But, I was gaining time every split, so that kind of gave me peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on going faster by setting up for corners and doing all the technical skills better. It is funny how if you can stay within yourself, your speed actually increases.

Joseph went back to 3rd and was riding with Brian, chasing up to Andrew, when he fell. I think Brian plowed into him, but I’m not positive about that. Anyway, there were lots of loose, off camber corners that were tricky and one got the better of him. He got up moving, but jacked up his right calf pretty good and eventually pulled out. So much for his ranking points.

Andrew Coe finished 2nd again. He was going pretty well. Brian was right behind Andrew in 3rd. Adam Mills and Bill were racing together all day, but Bill pinched his front tire with 1/2 lap to go and rode to the finish on a flat. It would have been fun watching that play out.

I’m kind of up in the air about my schedule for the rest of the month. I need to get a new fork for my 29’r if I’m going to go over and ride Berryman MTB this weekend. I’m not sure a 4-5 hour MTB race is all that good for cross, but screw it, I like doing it.

This lack of sleeping after these cross races is kind of bothersome. I have no clue what that is all about. It is especially bothersome with NPR doing fund raising the last few days. I wish I was rich and I’d just send them a boatload of $$$ to have them just get back to their regular programing.

They even mowed a warmup loop in the field at the top of the course. Here I'm riding next to Joseph.

Keith Walberg took this photo. Notice I don't even have to have both feet clipped in to clear the barrier.

Keith walking the course taking great shots.

Climbing back up to the finish on the 2nd lap. Me, Joseph, Andrew and then Brian.

5 thoughts on “Joules Cross Day 2

  1. Jeff Unruh

    Your sleep issues could be related to your core temp being up after such a hard effort. Dehydration plays a big role as well. If your metabolism is all revved up it makes for fitful sleep. In a few more weeks you won’t have any problems “cooling” down after races!

  2. Sarah

    I don’t sleep after cross races. For me I think it’s cortisol kicking in giving me the classic ‘wired and tired’ effect.

  3. James

    Your sleep could be related to the above or it could be your getting old and you train and race like you were 25. It sounds like abnormal adrenal hormone levels-typically elevated cortisol. Do the research. If you thrash yourself for too long, you might never be able to dig yourself out and it could affect your overall longevity.

  4. ecarter

    I’ve seen or read about this Steve fella after alot of hard rides and races for awhile now, and I have never personally known him to look thrashed. It is part of the allure.
    And to suggest a veteran would train like he is 25 could use some thought. Here are my thoughts on that, roughly.
    Anyone know the story of the 2 bulls on the hill? Basically the young bull says ‘I’m gonna run down there and get 1 of those cows”. After he sprints away the old bull says, ” I’ll walk down there and have the rest”. (Like I said, roughly.)
    Steve, I pray that you may always find green pastures to rip apart while shreddin a cross bike.
    Best wishes for health and longevity. -Eric

  5. Mike

    444 Licensed Cyclocross Racers in MO/KS!

    And… Here is MO/KS Top 6 by USA Cycling’s Ranking System.

    1 183.62 Stephen Tilford Topeka, KS 52
    2 210.78 Joseph Schmalz Lawrence, KS 22
    3 220.26 Shadd Smith Overland Park, KS 41
    4 226.22 Andrew Coe Mission, KS 31
    5 242.16 Adam Mills Lawrence, KS 33
    6 242.68 Brian Jensen Lawrence, KS 36

    Looks like 4 of the Top 6 were participating in this local race! And Yes this is based on MO & KS… MO’s Jonathan Schottler (244.15) would be 7th out of Columbia MO.


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