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Man, this last week has been pretty trying. Last night I realized that my Honda Elite Scooter was not in my driveway. I thought about it for a while and am surprised it took me at least 5 minutes to actually believe that the scooter was stolen. I thought, “Maybe I left it somewhere?” But, it didn’t take much to dis guard that optimistic thought.

I spent an hour last night riding through the park, down by the creek looking for it. I’m going to do it again this morning. Someone must had to wheel it away. I have the only key.

I have no idea what you could do with a stolen scooter. I assume that you can’t get a license plate for it once I report it to the police. I called the Honda dealer and left my number if someone tries to order a new ignition switch for a 1986 Honda Elite. And put a posting on Craigslist. I’m not sure what else I can do.

I had big plans on motor pacing the next few months. I guess I have to get another one up and running. That is going to take a bit of work. I was just thinking yesterday how nice it is that I can drive either a full size diesel van, a Honda elite scooter or Honda Insight Hybrid. Pretty diverse choices. Guess one is gone.

I feel kind of silly getting my scooter stolen. I used park it inside my garage, but it’s been outside for the past year. I never really though much about it getting taken. I must be naive. I did get 3 cars stolen already this year. That seems more than should happen to one in a life type. It must be the economy or something.

On a more happier note, I forgot to mention that Tuesday, right after I buried Marti, Lilly, the walk about cat, came back home. I have been looking for Lilly pretty much every night for the past couple months. I assumed he was gone. But, there he was. I thought it was kind of spooky that he’d come back right when Marti was gone. He went into our room and fell asleep on the bed. I went for a ride and he was gone when I got home. It was very nice of him to come back and visit.

There are lots of choices of races to do this weekend. The Joules Cross is happening outside Lawrence. Two races, both at the same venue, but on different courses. There is a nighttime cross race up in Des Moines at 10pm on Saturday night. I sort of kicked around flying out to the East coast for the UCI races in Delaware this weekend, but failed to enter by Wednesday. I really don’t know the procedure for entering after registration closes, so I’m probably just here. It is beautiful weather right now, so it could be worse.

Anyone see this guy scooting around Topeka, let me know.

Lilly was pretty at home on the bed.

Photo from above the Joules Cross course.

Custom awards for the race too.

15 thoughts on “Scooter Stolen

  1. WildCat

    Man! You’re so good they give you your award BEFORE the race.

    Stay positive on the scooter deal. I’m sure it’s someone who lives close-ish to you and has been eyeing the thing for some time. We are, in general, creatures of habit. Chances are good your house is on a route (to/from work?) that the thief takes often. Keep your eye out.

    But, no matter what he/she will get the bad karma they deserve. They will end up paying for that scooter eventually. One way or the other.

  2. Steve Wathke

    I’ll sell you a Harley Sportster 2001 for $3500.
    The bike is not too big so Trudi could drive it and the cool factor is much higher than a Honda Scooter.

  3. Brent

    You obviously, like many, like Snake Alley – since you mentioned cross races this weekend right here in Burlington, IA on Sunday is the innaugural “Cruiser Cross” in Perkins Park. Small event now, hopefully it will catch on as there hasn’t been cross racing here in the home of the Snake Alley Criterium since the 80’s. Hopefully someone local or close will happen to read these comments and come try it out. Thanks for the advertising space.

  4. Jeff

    Just lost a Honda Civic window for an old pannier full of bike magazines, intended for the local bike co-op. Looked like it might be valuable I guess. Lesson: don’t tempt them.
    The bike thieves around here “stash” them right after stealing, until it cools off. Think like you’d want to hide your scooter near one of those parks and look in those places. Also, maybe throw a $100 reward at it, cuz, there really is no honor among thieves! …and don’t let it get you down cuz it’s not worth it.
    Good luck S.T.!

  5. Rad Renner

    Dude, is the entire town of Topeka messing with you, or what? IDK about using a Harley as a motor-pacer; the torque throttle will have you (the following cyclist) in the ditch in no time.

  6. Ted Lewandowski

    You should check the area pawn shops 1st – give them your phone # if they don’t have one (you never know when they will try to offload it) . Also file a police report.

  7. tabitha

    my red and black chinese scooter was stolen wednesday night at my job off of inwood and the tollway. they started it up and drove right out of the parking lot luckily almost hitting a lady on the way out. still has the paper plates on it cause i bought it last sunday. if and one reading this and stays around n dallas see it please call the cops. Its mainly red with red wheels and still has paper plates on it. at night one of the blicker lights is red and the other one is yellow. i know its not the best discription but i am a loss for words.

  8. Gord

    Theieves and pond scum have a lot in common. I’m just restoring an old Honda 125 Elite. Killing some bastard who is trying to steal it is legal in my books. Look up a site called ‘eleseed’. I bought a bike theft alarm there for just a couple of bucks and it works great. They still have them listed. Hope you get your swcoot back.


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