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I buried our dog Marti this afternoon. The death of a pet is about the closest I ever come to religion. It kind of brings you back to basics. It is amazing how fragile life is. She was a good companion and will be missed.

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  1. Bob Dallapiazza

    I’m with ya on that Steve… Marti looked to be an awesome friend and part of the family…~~~

  2. Stephanie

    I am very sorry for your loss and can truly say I know how great this loss is felt. We were devastated when we lost our kitty Kiki to cancer in April. She was like a child to us. It seems that there are only a small percentage of people who understand that kind of love. The world would be such a better place if more people opened their homes and hearts to the love of a furry little friend.

  3. mark studnicki

    That’s a bummer Steve. I’ve had to say goodbye to more than a few fur friends over the years. It’s a tough thing to go through, but we always fill the void by giving another homeless dog a permanent home.

  4. Neil Kopitsky

    It is reasonable that the death of a loved one (animal or otherwise) would bring you “the closest you ever get” to religion.

    Religious OBSERVANCE provides a spiritual and meaningful template for experiencing lives joys and sorrows.

    Religious ZEALOTRY provides a misguided excuse for intolerance and oppression.

    I’m sorry for your loss. He was a lucky dog.

  5. Georges

    Steve- I am sorry for your loss. I am always touched by your observations- it shows me you have great compassion. Marti was surely was better for it.

  6. H Luce

    I didn’t realize until I got home who it was, and it was a hell of a shock. Whenever I came over to see Kris, she’d be first at the door, stretching full length, standing on her hind feet, with her front paws on my chest, saying hello… I’d never seen that in a dog before. And then, when sitting down, it would be a contest for attention with Naomi the cat and Frankie… I don’t have any words.


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