St. Louis Bound – Cross at Night

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The van is nearly loaded and I’m heading over to St. Louis to race the UCI race tonight at 9pm. I’m a little beat and this is my first cross race of the year. (I did do a cross clinic a couple weekends ago.) I’m sure I’m going to feel like a fish out of water. Like I said yesterday, I’m having a hard time getting some motivation for this race. I usually rise to the occasion, so hopefully that will be the case here. The field is incredible strong, so I really should just go and race as hard as I can. But, there is some difference knowing if I have that special day that I really can’t show case that ability. The rules applying to UCI Master’s are pretty much bullshit. I’ve said it before, master’s racing is an age deal, not an ability deal.

I’m still wishy washy about going to Madison. I guess I’ll take everything I need and decide tomorrow. We’re staying in St. Louis tonight no matter what since it is so late. There are 3 cross races here locally. That would be 4 cross races in 5 days. I don’t think my legs could ever forgive me for that.

I know why I have a full size van. This is just the stuff I'm taking for myself.

I took off my road tires and glued Challenge Limus' on. I like tread and these have a bunch.

3 thoughts on “St. Louis Bound – Cross at Night

  1. Mark Wilson

    Just curious, do you pre-stretch your tubulars first and do you use the belgian tape? Those Limus look nice!

  2. tilford97 Post author

    Yeah, TC, I’ve seen a bunch of different configurations of these. The problem is you can’t spoon the bikes close enough to get a ton of them in. Last Saturday in Chequamegon, I had 9 MTB bikes in the back. Even when you put the bikes forward, reverse, like a car rack, you are limited by the handlebar width and can’t get that many in a small area. The blanket method seems to work pretty well when you’re stacking MTB with road/cross bikes.


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