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Yesterday went from cold to colder. Bill and I went from a ride when we got back from Duluth and ended up riding in a sheet of sleet and then rain in the 30’s. That is close to 60 degrees colder than when we drove up here a couple days ago. Man, does the 30’s feel cold. My hands were almost as cold as Cross Nationals in Bend. Stupid cold/numb. Luckily, Dennis has a jacuzzi and we sort of thawed out in it while it rained. I love sitting outside in a jacuzzi when it’s 30 degrees and raining. It seems decadent.

Trudi is beat from working. She went to bed at 9 and slept forever. It usually takes a week or so for her to transition back to “normal” life.

Skinny Ski has a write up on the favorites for Chequamegon. It is a pretty extensive list of both men and women. Here is the link.

The rest of the Kansas gang is showing up later today. Catherine is driving up here on her own. The Matt Gillhausen, Brian Jensen and a couple others are coming Friday morning. It is lucky that Dennis has so much room in his compound.

My throat is jacked up, but I’m not going to worry about it because I can’t do anything about it. I went to an eye doctor in Duluth yesterday and thought this I have eye infection might have something to do with my sinus/throat thing, but the Dr. said no. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic ointment and when I went by Walgreen’s, the tube, which is the size smaller than a jellybean, cost $180. That was way out of my budget. I have some at home and will be back there on Sunday night or Monday.

Today we’re going to ride the 2nd half of the course. Katie and Kent Eriksen are showing up this morning, so that should be fun. Kent doesn’t hold back much riding, so it might be too hard for me. I really don’t have any idea what I need to do, rest or ride, but I like riding, so that is what I’m going to do. I’m riding a fully ridgid, ti, Eriksen 29’r, but it seems pretty bumpy. I’m going to try a little less pressure today in bigger tires and see if that smooths the ride out some.

I’d better move. Jeff Bradley showed up last night. He and his girlfriend, Deb Wood, bought a house 200 meteres through the woods from Dennis’. Deb is making huevos rancheros for breakfast. I don’t want to miss out.

The sleet fell so hard that it acclumulated here on Dennis' porch.

We ate lunch in Duluth at Grandma's. This guy was in the lobby. Every grocery store in Topeka used to have them when I was a kid. Now they look so ancient.

Trudi and Bromont on the drive back to Cable.

Deb making breakfast. Chap, Tennessee import, in the background.

Chap brought a case of Tennessee moonshine here. This is an example of a Jeff sip for tasting. This is going to put a whole new spin on the after race wood cutting party.

This is Z, Dennis' brother's, Doug, dog. I was playing with him after breakfast. He wore me out with his concentration.

You know it's a bad sign when there is still snow on the roof when it is approaching noon.