Kind of Behind Today

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So, I really can’t post much of anything here this morning. I’m heading up to Chequamegon with Keith Walberg and Bill Stolte. I still haven’t really slept much since I got back from Colorado, but maybe I can convince Bill and/or Keith to drive some and I can catch up. I’m feeling a little under the weather, but it hasn’t seemed to get any worse the last two days, so maybe I’m just run down. I can’t control that at this point. Okay. I have to pack more. I’ll try to post something better later from my phone.

A micro jersey from a Specialized ad they did with Ned.

The ad.

One thought on “Kind of Behind Today

  1. jim sully

    Bein that Ned’s kid doesn’t fit into the Rainbow jersey anymore, I’m sure paul curley could fit into it just fine….
    Let the smak talk begin…


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