Steamboat to Durango

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Yesterday I drove from Steamboat to Durango to hang for a couple days. That drive is pretty unbelievable. Especially from Grand Junction to Durango. From Ouray to Durango, it is never ending scenery. Red Mountain Pass is something that shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Colorado. They should do that climb in the Pro Challenge next year. That would break up the field for sure.

Last night I stayed up by Durango Mountain Resort, at 10,000 feet, with a gang from San Diego. I was hoping to do some MTB riding today, but they are doing a crazy epic ride and yesterday they were caught in the rain for 3 hours. So, I’m going to drive down to Durango and ride with Ned this afternoon. He just got back from the World MTB Championships in Switzerland, so he’ll have lots of good stuff to talk about.

I just read that Christian Vande Velde is going to be racing Chequamegon next weekend with us. That should make the event more interesting.

I still haven’t gotten my bike set up for Chequamegon yet. I’m missing a few parts. Mainly wheels. I’m going to hopefully be riding carbon tubulars with Challenge 29’r tubular tires.

Okay, better get going. I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be more interesting.

I saw this rainbow going up Red Mountain Pass. It might be the best rainbow I've ever seen.

Nice scenery everywhere.

I saw this payphone when I stopped for gas in Montrose. It is kind of distrubing that this seemed strange enough to take a picture. Not many of these around anymore.

This is the view from the overlook from where the guys from San Diego were staying.

Ranger, Don and Sue's German Shorthair Pointer, waiting patiently to go for a walk.

3 thoughts on “Steamboat to Durango

  1. WildCat

    What’s more strange is how someone could even remember a number to even call with a pay-phone. I still have the land-line number my parents had memorized, but now they both have their own cell-phones. I don’t know any other numbers. And my cell-phone does automatic contacts backup. As far as density goes; I think I tend to see a larger concentration of pay-phones on the coasts for some reason.

  2. Jeff

    I agree that is a awesome rainbow. I am also doing the race in Hayward for the first time. I am quite nervous but excited. Its an honor to do the race. I am working on figuring out what tires I should use? I am also riding a 29r. Thank you for sharing the pictures. good luck at the race. It should be a great time.


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