Full Plane/Business Class

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We’re staying just across the street from the Brussels airport at the Sheraton. I pretty much passed out last night. Trudi was running around the room this morning and I couldn’t understand why she was up at 3 am, but it was after 8 in reality. She went across the street to try to get us seats together on the flight. She came back with two business class seats. Turns out that the plane was super full, she is elite premier and the lady saw that she had a BMC jacket on and knew Cadel had won the Tour, so there you go, bike racing rules in Belgium.

I could eat breakfast in Europe every meal. Croissants and espresso. Muesli and fruit. It is great. So, the whirlwind travel to Europe is nearly over. It has hardly been 65 degrees any day I’ve been here. I can hardly wait to get back to 105 in Kansas.

And each hotel I've been at the last 3 days has had fresh squeezed juice.

And super nice coffee machines that produce excellent coffee.

5 thoughts on “Full Plane/Business Class

  1. Ken Webb

    Hey Steve,
    I grew up in Wichita and remember racing against you back in 1975. Its amazing you’re still at it. I ride some to keep in shape, but no racing for me.
    Ken Webb

  2. SB

    Schweet! It’s good to be connected and Trudi is to be congratulated, I know she busted ass for many months too.


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