Some Quick Photos from Sunday’s Last Stage of the Tour

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The BMC team leading Cadel in the early laps of the circuit.

Cadel (Chiara) and Brent's (Jamie) significant others looking great watching the race.

Brent Bookwalter and Jamie right after the finish of the Tour.

Cadel's yellow jersey bike.

They restickered the BMC team cars in yellow for today.

George's wife, Melanie, with some jerseys for Cadel to sign after the race.

The BMC team doing their victory lap after the finish. Even Andy Riis rode the loop.

5 thoughts on “Some Quick Photos from Sunday’s Last Stage of the Tour

  1. chuck martel

    It was published awhile back that Cadel was riding with an eccentric chain ring. Was that the case in the Tour?

  2. Sterling

    Can’t find anywhere explaining why Cadel had to switch out of the yellow today – ? I was hoping he’d ride it all the way.

  3. Sean YD

    Chuck: By “eccentric” chain ring, what do you mean? Where did you see this published?

  4. tilford97 Post author

    Sterling_I’m pretty sure that Cadel just didn’t want to take any chances and rode the bike he was comfortable with after all the photos.

    And Chuck, I’m pretty positive that Cadel is just riding a normal Dura-Ace chainring on a Shimano 7800 SRM crankset.


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