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California is a strange place. You can have conversations here that you’d never imagine that you might ever participate in. The state is beautiful, but there are way, way too many cars. The people here are the most interesting. Lots of color with tons of life experiences.

I went through Laguna Beach yesterday and had dinner with my friend, Stan Phillips and his wife, Judy. I go out of my way anytime I have a chance to spend some time with Stan. I met him 13 years ago doing a promotion with Jog Mate and we’ve been friends every since. Stan and Judy live a enviable lifestyle. They make the most of life. They travel the world and spend a lot of time in super interesting places, enough time to get the feel of living there. They’ve spent a year in Paris, Costa Rica, New York and most recently they just got back from a month in Berlin and another one in London.

Their house is great, a few blocks off the PCH, on a canyon in Laguna. It is nearly a art museum of things they’ve collected through their travels. And their yard is amazing. Judy made dinner and it was great.

Okay, only 2 days of racing left at the Tour, since Sunday is ceremonial. The race is pretty good this year. The next two days should be really interesting. Cadel did an amazing job today managing the time. It is amazing how close the times are right now. Really interesting next two days. Tomorrow being only 109 km, going over the Galibier and finishing on Alpe d’Huez and then a 41km TT on Saturday. It is going to be pretty exciting.

Actually, tomorrow, I’m flying to Paris for the end of the Tour. I am flying from San Diego at noon, get to NYC at 10pm, then start again at midnight and get to Paris at 1:30 Saturday. So, like last year, I’ll just see the final stage. I have most of Saturday afternoon to walk around Paris and then watch the finish on Sunday. BMC is doing a post race party again, so that should be good. I’m coming back on Tuesday, so it’s a really short trip.

I’m taking a bunch of Michelin Mud 2 tires over to get made into tubulars by FMB. Like a posted a last week, I hope the new Challenge cross tires hook up good, but there isn’t a downside to having a good selection. Like I said, ‘cross season should start creeping in to your mindset soon.

Okay, I’m going up to North County to do my final ride out here in paradise. There is an awesome bakery in Rancho Santa Fe that I think I’ll ride to and have a snack. Nice way to spend the afternoon.

A chicken in the kitchen before dinner last night.

Judy shoeing the chicken back outside.

Stan showing off the chicken coop he build. Stainglass window and all.

They have multiple, super cool, outside sitting areas all around their house.

Don putting a new front end on his Yahmaha RZ350.

The berry selection at the farmer's market.

The coast from Mt. Soladad.

The beaches are pretty happening in the summer.

5 thoughts on “California/Paris

  1. jg

    If I’m not mistaken, that looks like a dachshund sitting in one of the chairs in the outside seating area. That tells me Stan and Judy must be pretty good people!

  2. Rod Lake

    Say hey to Trudi for us. Don’t look for Jordan this year, he’s actually employed and not flittering around Europe.

  3. Julie Bogacki-Davis

    Hey Steve–have a good trip to Paris–wish I could go. Say hi to Trudi! I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I was thinking about buying either a road bike or ciclo cross bike. Thought I might like to try ciclo cross, but then I started thinking I’ve had four knee operations, and therefore, running doesn’t come easy anymore. So…..then I thought maybe I would be better off getting a road bike. I’ve been out of the loop for so long I’m not up on all the new products. I would appreciate your opinion. Oh by the way, the berry picture looks like a work of art!

  4. webhed38

    The RZ350 is one of the quickest bikes ever made! Gotta Luv a 2-stroke 350…. I sold mine so I could race the tour of KC in 90….Got my butt kicked…….shoulda kept the bike!


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