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Before I drove out to Colorado I checked the weather both out here and up in Cable Wi. Both showed rain everyday for the next 10 days. The difference is that up in Cable, when it shows rains, it means all day. In the mountains, it usually means afternoon thunderstorms. But, that hasn’t been the case the last 3 days. We’ve done a pretty great job avoiding getting dumped on riding, by skirting the storms, but afterward, it has been raining like crazy.

We didn’t make it to Vail yesterday. We rode to the top of Vail pass, which is 25 miles from here and it was already spitting on us. So we turned around and went back to Frisco and headed towards Breckenridge. We came back climbing around the back side of Lake Dillon, through Keystone and back to Silverthorne. It was nearly 3 hours and it was raining when we got back.

Last night I took Bromont and Jack for a walk from the house here in Silverthorne. Right after I got back, a huge thunderstorm came through. We turned off the lights and watched the lightening through the windows. It kept getting closer and closer until it was finally nearly in the yard. That is when the power went off. So, for the next few hours, we just sat in the dark and talked.

So, we’re getting out earlier today. MTB riding for 4 hours hopefully. It is already pretty cloudy. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but it isn’t that warm here. I think the high today is supposed to be in the 60’s, so when the storms roll through, it is way cold. Plus the lightening isn’t that great.

Vincent's son, Pascal, has Cat. 5 marks everywhere.

It's been raining so much here that they are letting a ton of water out of the reservoir. This guy is fly fishing on the bike path in Silverthorne.

Bromont and Jack coming back happy from running in the mountains.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Weather

  1. Dennis Kruse

    Tilly, No rain in Cable and it hasn’t rained for days. Just got back from a ride with temps in the 60’s. Hope it warms up. Heading to the lake with Hawk. Den

  2. Tanner Culbreath

    Just got home from that area. Tested myself a bit with the firecracker 50 this year. That climb up he back side of lake Dillon is a good one, but looking pretty sparse with all the trees dying. Enjoy the mountains, I wish I were still there!

  3. WildCat

    What is that around the waist of Vincent’s son? Does he have a Garmin for his son too?? I could darn near use one for my 6yr old. HA!


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