Heading West

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The weather here is going to be pretty extreme the next few days/weeks. I decided to head out to Colorado for a little while and then out West after that. I think I’m going to just ride until I feel good enough riding that I can race. I thought about heading up to SuperWeek for a couple days and then up to Cable, for Bromont, but that scenario has very little chance of filling in the hole.

The Kansas State Games are going on this weekend. Friday night, we rode out to Heartland Park to see the start of the time trial. Heartland Park is a race track, a road course that has a super fast drag race strip. It was amazing who came out to compete. Lots of riders that I’d never seen before. Many that have never raced. It’s a good thing to get people involved in the sport.

Yesterday I spent all day mowing and doing some gutter repairs at the building. I lost so much water. Gallons. I was drinking constantly. I went to Home Depot and bought a 20 oz Coke going in and another coming out. I probably drink soda less than 3 times a year. I could of drank Coke all day.

Okay, driving to Silverthorne, Colorado today. I hope the AC repair I did on my van holds or it’s going to be a roaster.

Bill and Catherine riding on the drag strip. It was pretty sticky and weird feeling.

This guy was amazing. It's not a good photo, but I had to use it. Check out the number placement. I'm not sure it is legal to make the beard aero.

Nice forecast.

2 thoughts on “Heading West

  1. Julie Bogacki-Davis

    Steve–come to Grand Junction! Bring your mountain bike 🙂 Or…if your in Colorado Springs the weekend of the 23rd I will be too!

  2. Judy

    Hey if your close to Kittredge (very close to John’s) we’ll be there the 20th we can take the dogs hiking you gotta see our new place.


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