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I heard yesterday that the local paper, the Topeka Capital Journal is doing a poll online, of the best athletes from Topeka/Shawnee County. I don’t really care much, but on the ride, everyone said that it would be good for local cycling, and cycling in general, if a cyclist got some recognition. I think that is probably true. So, here is a link to vote. It only takes a second. If most of you guys that read this vote, it would go a long way, since only 1300 people have cast votes. Last night when I looked, I wasn’t doing too good.

23 thoughts on “Need your Vote

  1. Hudson Luce

    With my vote Steve is in 6th place after Torrez, Woodland, Kruger, Douglas, and Berry. It’s probably more a function of which sports get more coverage in the County and thus have more name recognition, than it is of merit alone, though. BTW, I voted for Steve alone…

  2. Mike

    Your my one and only vote…
    Sent comment, “a legend in their back yard”… so to speak.

  3. Chris

    “a legend in their back yard”

    What’s he doing in my backyard???

    Voted, and it appears Mr. Tilford has taken the lead. Keep those votes coming…

  4. VeloDoc

    I just sent the link to my entire team AND posted on Twitter! haha, we’re gonna have you kill it!

  5. JimW

    So you are in the lead and the most recent comment on their site is none too happy about it.
    I would assume that Steve you are the only professional on there still adding to your list of accomplishments after most retire from any sport.
    I think you would qualify for a lifetime athlete award.

  6. JimC

    I agree with JimW… Steve is likely the only candidate still competing in his/her chosen sport. That alone makes this a “no brainer”. You got my vote, Steve. Good luck.

  7. CliffG

    You’ve got my vote. Down here in Australia we have long considered you Topeka/Shawnee’s finest athlete.

  8. Mr.Frack

    How long do we have to keep this up? I am thinking 10 votes is from the Hawaii CX riders.

  9. Neil Kopitsky

    @Chris: “a legend in their back yard”
    “What’s he doing in my backyard??? . . . I better call the cops!”

    Maybe if Steve wins this award, he can keep it with him at all times to fend off getting hassled by the police.

  10. Brent

    looks like your web presence has taken most “off the beaten path” to vote for you – clearly the best athlete ….. in the midwest

  11. Hudson Luce

    Well, Steve only has 765 votes (23.71%), 400 votes ahead of the next leading contender, Mike Torrez, with 365 (11.65%) so it looks like Steve won it… I wonder what the paper will do with that, if anything. Still it might be nice to get him up to 1000 votes, a nice round number.

  12. bob

    how many of these other guys have ever been best in the world or held a world record?
    then how many of them are still competing successfully decades later?
    seems like a no brainer
    However to be fair i checked on some old Kansas runners who were world class but none of them
    Wes Santee, Glenn Cunningham archie san Romani came from your county
    Tilford wins going away!!!


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