Riding in the Heat

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I just got back from a very short, hardly an hour, 20 mile ride and I lost 6 pounds. I wasn’t even going that hard. And, I drank one large water bottle. That is nuts. If this is the case on Saturday, I’m going to have to drink close to a gallon of water an hour just to keep my current weight. I don’t have any idea how many bottles that is, but it sure seems like I’m going to be water logged. The weather is extremely hot. And muggy. This weekend, in Lawrence, is going to be very hard. It is supposed to rain at night and be super hot during the day. Great.

Ben, where are those Ice Vests?

Virtually every roof in my neighborhood is being replaced. These guys have been at it since early this morning. I took this photo leaving to ride at about 4pm. I have no idea how they can function up there.

4 thoughts on “Riding in the Heat

  1. Kevin

    That’s how it feels in central iowa. My garmin recorded the temp as being 102F. With this humidity I only rode for an hour.

  2. WildCat

    Roofers are crazy. A number of houses just got done in my neighborhood last week. I noticed they were doing them at the rate of one/day. Forget dawn to dusk. Those guys were up there 30-45 minutes before dawn and would be finishing up while I was watching the 10pm news. No lights either. The first night I heard the hammering late and looked out my window (at ~10:10pm) and there they were, elbows and assholes.


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