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I got back from driving pretty late last night. We stopped on the way back to eat and couldn’t pass up a 1/2 price bottle of wine with meal purchase offer, so we hung for a while. Anyway, I just got a call from Keith Walberg that a bunch of 100 year old wood that I’ve been eyeing over at his business, Gizmo, is available for the taking, so I need to scurry over and claim what I want. Plus the outer polycarbonate replacement domes for the skylights that were pummeled by huge hail have arrived. So, I need to go collect building supplies this morning. I’m sure I’ll think of something way more interesting to post while I’m out and about.

I have 5 of these. I am going to save a ton by splitting them and just replacing the top dome. I ordered a polycarbonate replacement that should withstand about any size hail.

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  1. WildCat

    At least you’ll have great weather for working outside today here. Not too long ago we were breaking records due to an early heat-wave, but now that summer has “officially” begun we are finally getting our spring like weather. Funny.


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