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Made it to the start. It is a very pretty drive. Racing in 30 minutes. Cool and mildly hilly. Should be fun. I’ll update later this afternoon.20110620-055731.jpg
We were a bit late for the start because of traffic thru Milwaukee, but Wisconsin Highway 45 was blocked by this mean snapping turtle. I had to kick him road because he was, well, just mean.

I didn’t like this turtle much at all. I’m sure he felt the same about me.

6 thoughts on “Greenbush-ToAD

  1. DavidR

    A farmer in Iowa told me once that “there’s seven different kinds of meat” on a snapping turtle.

  2. Paul Warloski

    There was another snapper on the course by a bridge after the first corner. It hid back in the weeds!

  3. Calvin Jones

    Steve squaring off against a snapper, mano Y turtlo. At least he didn’t use the Ford. And this just an article or two away from balls of fluffy fur and fun. That’s what we can call Kitten Kontrast.


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