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I obviously have a relationship with lots of cats right now. I know that I can’t save all the cats in the world. Or even many of them. But I do feel I have a certain responsibility of addressing the issue, at least on a micro scale.

I think it is funny when people say they aren’t cat people or don’t like pets. I kind of laugh to myself thinking that they have no idea what they are missing in life if they actually believe that.

I listened to last week’s This American Life yesterday and one of the segments was on some brothers that lived in Baghdad and of an American that had befriended them. The wife of the American was telling the story. She talked to the Iraqi brothers weekly on the telephone and told them she was just going to school and working at a shelter for dogs. The Iraqi couldn’t understand the fascination that she had with dogs. He told her in Baghdad, dogs were very dangerous. That they killed dogs. He killed dogs. He told her that dogs would come after a suicide bomb attack and take off with the body parts of the victims.

Isn’t it strange how an animal that humans bred to be their companions are treated so much different when humans existence is in question. I guess when it is a life and death struggle, then there is a completely new set of rules. It’s the same in Africa with people shooting gorillas and elephants, etc. I think the survival instinct of humans is strong. Strong enough to over ride any morals that are engrained in them.

I’m so fortunate to be be in a postition of being able to help cats get their footing in life than in a position of having to kill dogs to stay alive. It was just plain luck that is the case.

New kittens in the rabbit cage.

The stunted black kitten looking like an alien after bathing.

12 thoughts on “Cats & Dogs

  1. JimW

    That’s a cute bunch in the cage.
    I wish I lived near you I’d take two off your hands in a heartbeat.
    The little alien runt is great. The runts always make the best little buddies. I think it’s all the extra love and attention they get.

  2. David Henderson

    I didn’t know that you liked TAL. I love that show. Just finished listening to their broadcast about “dads”.

    It’s great that you care about animals. I’ve heard and believe that you can know A LOT about a group of people (and individuals) by how they treat animals.

  3. Julie Bogacki

    We had the same problem on our ranch. Every spring we would find a new litter of kittens in our haystack and every year we would take in a few, but they didn’t last long because the coyotes or birds of prey would unfortunately get them. Steve–your love for cats shows your “Soft” side 🙂

  4. Ted Lewandowski

    Why don’t you start an adoption league for the kittens – you have plenty of followers that would be willing to take them in – can call them
    ST. Kittens 🙂

  5. SB

    you remember Hans Schneider from TX? He’s always rescuing animals too, and promotes the weekly Houston Memorial Park crits – proceeds benefit the local humane shelter.

  6. Mark

    Never trust anyone that does not love animals. Cats and dogs offer unconditional love, which is something humans do not.

  7. Richard

    Cats offering unconditional love? Ha ha ha. They are nothing but feral vermin. Do your community a favour and drown them.

  8. Billy Dean

    favour??? I only have one(at a time), it was feral and it is not vermin… Just saying… Keep up the good work Steve… The one black one I had bit Trevor (30 years ago) since then I have kept only Calico…

  9. filler up

    I’m with Richard. Cats are one step above rats and squirrels. Get rid of ’em all. Dogs, now they offer unconditional love. We have 2 dachshunds, and love them like our own. And they HATE cats. Good dogs!


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