9 thoughts on “NYC – It is amazing it works at all.

  1. Craig

    Thats is badass!! I saw 3 different bikers all at the same intersection doing sick beyond crazy riding in traffic and & I also like how the tractor trailer crashes into the car and keeps goin as if no big deal…

  2. mark studnicki

    That is pretty insane. Bike messengers there are pretty skilled and obviously fearless. I can’t imagine any of those riders were out on a regular training ride.

  3. Calvin Jones

    For some reason, I’m reminded David Byrne lives in NY, he’s a huge cycling advocate. Saw Mr. Byrne last summer in his speaking tour. Think you take him, Steve, saw he glances over the left shoulder, so go to his right.

  4. Clyde

    Some of the most idiotic riding I’ve every seen not to mention a total disregard for the laws of the road. And folks wonder why we get no respect when riding. There is nothing badass or cool about this video, just stupidity. Right up there with riding a “fixie” without brakes on anything but a track…

  5. DavidR

    @Clyde: I dunno, from what I saw, it seems that everyone was more-or-less breaking the rules: pedestrians, motorists, & cyclists. Pedestrians waiting/mingling in the street and crossing against the light; motorists running lights and crossing lanes in an intersection; cyclists running lights, riding in the wrong lane, and getting too close to pedestrians. It seems pretty willy-nilly, and I’d never ride this way, but everyone there seems to more-or-less accept it, so it kinda works. But I’m with ya on the no-brakes fixie thing; that is stupid.

  6. bob

    Clyde & David
    i lived in NYC for awhile it is nuts
    but now i am in a nice quiet area on the edge of LA
    also nuts. The setting couldnt be more different but the LA drivers are just unbelievable. There is a 4 way stop near my house. the common practice for most drivers is to alter their speed prior to the intersection so they get there before or after cross traffic and then they just roll through at about 40 mph.My hobby is to take my time to crossing the intersection(in car or on bike) so they are forced to actually stop. i would say less than 10 percent actually make a legal stop at that intersection. Seriously, i fixed a flat near there and actually sat down and watched car after car engage in this little dance of “safely” running through a 4 way stop for a good fifteen minutes. What is the killer though it is always worse at the time school lets out as it is just down the block. These mothers have no concept that the kids in the car see the mother break the law every friggin day


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