WTF is it with all this Training during the Season?

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I want someone to actually explain why these guys are taking a month off during the season, to go to Tenerife or the Swiss or French Alps to train at altitude, without using the word doping in the explanation. These three aren’t the exception. Everyone’s doing it, disappearing for weeks, up to a month during the season for their “rest”.

And how you can have the speed to finish 2nd in the Dauphine TT when you haven’t raced in one month? Must be the weather in Tenerife?

Or maybe, because the more important races, Pro Tour events, with better, stronger fields are easier to win, so you have to rest up for the shitty ones like the Tour of Belgium and such?

The Kazakh finished third overall at the Tour de Romandie, behind Cadel Evans and Tony Martin. He hasn’t raced for a month but went for a training camp in Tenerife with eight other riders from Astana. “The weather was great and the weather was fantastic,” he said.

Boonen, after one month “rest” at altitude-
Former world champion Boonen is not too concerned, though, blaming his poor performances on a recent altitude training and on an inexperienced team.

Gilbert , after one month “rest” at altitude-
Mostly his objective is different, though. “After my break, I was riding a bit slower, before going to work in training. I think my form is not bad, but I only came for preparation here.” He has the Tour de Suisse in mind next, but is also thinking about the Belgian Nationals in Leuven.

“I am a ProTour racer, with races of more importance that suit me better, because they are better organized for the peloton. In these conditions, it is sometimes more difficult to win in a race like the Tour of Belgium.

I think they must be working 2nd jobs and leading bike rides on the Canary Islands to supplement their incomes. That is a valid explanation.

7 thoughts on “WTF is it with all this Training during the Season?

  1. blood

    You go pretty slow when you have blood taken out. Protour guys at Gila is a fine example. They lose TTs to domestic US riders then crush it at the tour. It’s all about timing. Take blood out in April/May. You are creeping in May/June. July you are 9 pints and flying.

  2. old guy

    well, “everybody knows” that if you have a powermeter then you’re better off training than racing, right?

  3. tilford97 Post author

    Blood-Even though you didn’t use the word doping, you insinuated it, so I’m going to have to disqualify your answer, even though he might seem to be the apparent correct one.

  4. Paul

    Every great cyclist must have an equally great sun tan that can only be attained in the rarified air of altitude. I theorize that it’s a phenomenon similar to Sampson’s hair.

  5. QTHIS

    In response to Austin: I think all pro cyclists are clean after a nice shave and shower especially at Altitude.


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