Ricco defending himself – Brain Surgeon he should be

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“I would rather hear from the person who represents me as a cyclist, that my return is an important event to get a rider who has – in the past – atoned for his penalty and is now involved in an absurd situation, rather than lending credence to the words of a doctor (who should keep his profession a secret of Honour) and justifying the behaviour of a World Tour team, who dismisses a rider without good cause.”

Enough. I believe.

“I swear on my dog’s grave and my wife’s life that I did not put spoilt blood into my body.” “Really, that oath has already been used?”

2 thoughts on “Ricco defending himself – Brain Surgeon he should be

  1. Neil Kopitsky

    I always thought the saddest victim of the whole Tyler affair was Tugboat, who is now spending eternity in puppy Purgatory.
    BTW, I assume this is a bad translation and he is eluding to the breach of Doctor/Patient confidentiality. It certainly does not bolster Ricco’s credibility, but it does, in my mind, undermine the doctor’s.

  2. TL

    I choose to glorify Xavier Tondo and his love of cycling rather than Mr. Ricco’s love of money and fame. I agree Steve, enough!


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