Ricco is Back!!!

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Can’t someone get rid of this prick. Do we, as an sporting organization, not have a way to make sure that guys like Riccardo Ricco don’t get to compete anymore? And why are there teams out there that will still hire him? It is crazy. I say we should suspend the license of any team that hires Ricco and such. Or even considers it. Here is the article at Cyclingnews that says he’ll be racing in short order.

5 thoughts on “Ricco is Back!!!

  1. DavidR

    For the outfit alone he should be suspended from ever appearing in public. Somebody please put this guy in a ditch ASAP.

  2. eiric

    On top of all that he walked out on the mother of his child, his parents most be so proud

  3. Shredder

    He sucks, I like my dopers to be the real nice Tyler Hamilton types. I like them to inspire cancer victims. I love it when there is no negative analytical finding yet wherein my favorite cyclist’s name has appeared in the report. Smarmy insipid do-it-yourself dopers ruin it for me. I like my dopers to have teams of professionals who can get that shit right! If the doper is pale and unattractive (Rassmussen) he should be pulled from his bike by angry hoards and stripped of his yellow jersey! (Oh, he already was?? Then we should do it again!) Ricco was unpopular and therefore outside the safety of a supportive pelet0n (and the big teams access to Medical Doctors). But he refused to give up and tried to dope on his own (and fucked it up, obviously). I think he deserved to almost die primarily because he dresses like a European and lacks social skills. But since he didn’t die, cycling should ostracize and ridicule him.


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